How Important is a News Area on your Construction Company Website

Although you can work on making it your own, there are a few features that you can apply to your construction company’s website that will maintain its success

From certain pages to implemented features and tools, there is a long list of construction company-specific website features that can help engage the user and generate leads. But one of the most effective pages or tools you can add to your website is a news/ blog area. No, really!

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 reasons why a news area is so important for your construction company website.

Boosts SEO

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Having a news area on your site does wonders for your SEO. Your SEO strategy should already be implemented across your site through things like keyword research, strategic meta titles and descriptions as well as general functionality check-ups. However, an active news area takes this even further.

By posting well researched and well-written content that suits the current trends within your industry and also involves your targeted keywords, search-engines can recognise your content as the most appropriate result for queries from your target audience and thus climb the search engine results page.

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Increases trafficWoman Taking Notes

High ranking blog posts help your site maintain a heavy flow of traffic. New users searching for building solutions can discover your company and with the right CTA’s included within your blog content, they can explore your company further.

An increase in traffic as a result of your blog posts can also be encouraged by posting them onto your social media. Advertising your new posts can urge users to follow through to your website, and act upon any CTA links you’ve included.

Demonstrates your online presence

Regularly posting on your blog post, as well as advertising them on social media, can help to assure your users of your online presence. This evokes feelings of trust and reliability amongst users and helps towards urging them to decide that you are the company for them and get in touch.

Gives you a competitive edge

Having a news area on your websites allows you to showcase various sides of your company – sides that you wouldn’t have otherwise got to show on other areas on your websites. On your blog, you’re free to be more relaxed, more casual and really show the humans behind your professional and expert construction service. This helps you to stand out amongst your competitors as you show what makes you unique.

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Generates leads

By bringing in high levels of traffic, inputting CTA links and boosting your ranking within SERPs with SEO techniques, you are increasing your chances of generating leads – especially when you are using your SEO and marketing to strategically appeal to your target audience. This will consequently help to boost your business and springboard you to success.

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