How do you generate leads with your Estate Agency Website?

The number one purpose of your estate agency website is to boost your business and generate leads as you would within your highstreet office.

But how do you do so in an online setting?

There are tons of ways that you can adapt your website to make sure that you are boosting your business, showing off your brand at all it’s best angles and most importantly, generating leads. But since we don’t have time to list them all, here are our top 5 ways you can generate leads on your estate agency website.

Call to Action links

Your site should not only look and perform great but constantly be working in your favour. To do this, your site should always provide the means to get in contact with your team to achieve the first step towards gaining new business.

This can be done in the form of CTA links and buttons which can be placed strategically all over your site. Whether it leads to a specific page or straight to an enquiry form, you should provide your user with the means to get the ball rolling, whenever and wherever they make the decision to get in touch.

External marketing

A top-quality website should always be paired with a solid marketing strategy to give your agency the attention it deserves. Online marketing can be in the form of both social media and email marketing and can be your chance to show your versatility and present a guaranteed wider audience with the opportunity to follow through to your site and services. This way they can get a unique taste for who you are and what you do, and be provided with the means to act on their interest.

Regular, strategic content

Many of your marketing posts can be based around regular content published to your blog or news area. Keeping up a blog can bring about ample opportunities for you to generate leads, especially when you implement SEO features like keyword research to reach your target audience and litter your content with links to pages that will give the user what they need to get in touch.

High-quality property images

Quality images of your available properties lead to happier users which will then transform them into potential buyers. This said it’s important that each of your displayed properties is armed with high-quality images that show as much as they can of the property. This not only demonstrates your professionalism and attention to detail but will evoke reliability amongst users.

Integrated reviews

Another feature that will lead the user towards your enquiry form is displayed customer reviews. By integrating a respected reviews platform, you can make reviews from your previous customers a main part of your website – actively showcasing your happy clientele. This evokes boosted trust and reliability amongst the users who will be more likely to give you a chance as others obviously have.

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