How Can Garden Centres Set Up Click and Collect?

Introducing click and collect to your garden centre has the potential to open up so many business opportunities and increase sales

Giving your customers the opportunity to click and collect products brings together the convenience of both online and in-store shopping and involves users ordering your products online and being ready to collect in your physical store.

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It can help boost sales, demonstrate customer care and contribute to an exemplary shopping experience. Combining an online and offline experience gives your garden centre the chance to reach out to a much wider audience.

But how can you go about setting it up?

Creating an online space

One of the most important steps is having or creating your garden’s centre’s online space. This includes injecting everything your customers love about your garden centre, from its recognisable branding, products and customer service, into your very own website. Once you have your website sorted, you can begin setting up.

LaptopsIf you are yet to create a website, maybe its time to consider approaching a web design agency to get started. Like Limely for example! We have a team packed with experts in all things web design and development and could set you up with the perfect online garden centre in no time at all. Click here to enquire!

Setting up your product page

To provide the means for click and collect, you will need an area on your online space where you are able to display your products. This will involve uploading all of your eligible products to your site, as well as crafting descriptions, specs and high-quality images to give the user everything they would have access to when shopping in your physical store.

Creating this online catalogue will give your users a chance to peruse the products you offer in their own time, and allow them the time to browse and choose exactly what they need. It may even lead them to make additional purchases, thanks to the ease and convenience of online click and collect.

Perfecting your online ordering system

Let’s get to the logistics! Enabling click and collect for your customers means sustaining a solid delivery system which allows for smooth and efficient shopping and collection. This includes keeping track of stock and inventory levels so you can inform customers when products are unavailable, as well as plenty of information of how they will go about collecting their order and the monitoring order processes and invoices – all of which contribute to a reliable and orderly click and collect service.

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A sturdy and trust online ordering service helps sustain great user experience and customer service; setting a precedent of excellent customer service, one which users will want to return to.

In-store changes

For the final touches to your brand new click and collect system, there would evidently have to be some changes in store. This might include designating a specific click and collect area to which the customer knows to go in order to receive their purchase – avoiding confusion and consequently an insufficient experience. This can be advertised both on your site and in-store.

This also may call for systems for staff in-store – implementing specific regulations that ensure click and collect customers are served and attended to within a good amount of time, making sure to cover all bases of customer service and contentment.

Are you looking to give your garden centre its online space and unlock the ability for click and collect? Well, contact Limely now to get started! 

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