DCB Ltd Choose Limely

9 March 2020| Post by Niko


If you have already read our monthly round-up, then well done – gold star for you! ⭐️

From reading our monthly round-up, you will also be in the knowledge that Limely gained a few clients throughout February, the latest being DCB Ltd! So, in true Limely fashion, we thought we’d whip up a little blog to officially introduce them and let you in on a little sneak peek of what we’ll be doing together.

Firstly, who is DCB Ltd?

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited is a debt collecting and high law enforcement agency based in Runcorn. Their services include providing companies, landlords, small business owners and private clients with hands-on Debt Collection and High Court enforcement and high-quality security, ensuring that every one of their users is given back what they are owed in a fair and justifiable manner. They have great testimonials from a long list of clients which rightly reflects not only their attention to client care but the efficient and professional manner in which they work. With 5 located offices up and down the country, DCB Ltd is truly a renowned name in their industry.

Being the UK’s fasted growing enforcement company might not be the only reason why you think you may have already head of DCB Ltd, as they are also the official home of Channel 5’s and Netflix’s hit show “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!” – a much loved documentary-style TV show which shows the active duties of DCBL’s high court enforcement officers and the success within what they do.

What will Limely be Doing?

Limely will be working their magic to whip up a brand new WordPress site for DCB Ltd in which will have user experience as the sole focus. We’ll be making sure that through flawless design and faultless development that their site will truly reflect their unique services, their notable reputation and their excellent attention to customer care.

Their new site, courtesy of Limely, will not only be a dream to use but will provide users with everything they need to know about DCB Ltd within clean, fresh and professional designs. Users will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for thanks to strategically designed buttons and menus, providing their site with a level of efficiency which will do nothing but funnel users, generate leads and enable opportunities for this company to grow even more.

We cannot wait to get started! Watch this space for further updates surrounding this exciting collaboration.


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