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by Matt

5th Dec 2018

What You Need to Know About 5G

High-speed, fully-accessible internet hasn’t always been an integral part of mobile. However, the evolution has been rapid. After moving from 3G to 4G – which seemed to be one of the most exciting things to happen to mobile use –...

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by Niko

22nd Mar 2018

AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages… The Future of Web?

Enter AMP – the latest concept you need to know about. You know all about responsiveness. You know how it important it is. But what is the next inevitable step when it comes to web? It’ll probably come as no...

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by Adam

10th Feb 2017

Why Your Mobile Site Is Important Now More Than Ever

What is Mobile First Indexing? Put simply, when Google looks at ranking factors on a particular web page, historically the search engine, by default, only ever looked at the desktop version. Taking into consideration the relevance of the on page...

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by Adam

14th Sep 2016

Should you prioritise mobile over desktop when it comes to your website?

You’ve probably heard how paramount mobile responsive websites are in allowing your customers access to your site from any device. Without enabling your site to be ‘mobile-friendly’, you limit your audience, your SEO rankings will suffer, you’ll lose potential leads...

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