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by Chris

17th Sep 2018

We Love a Good Rebrand: Check Out These Recent Logo Changes

It must be rebranding season because everyone’s at it! And who doesn’t love a good brand shake-up? With technology and trends moving faster than ever, companies all around the world are being forced to change, just to keep up. We’ve...

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by Emma

31st Aug 2017

3 Online Companies Taking Advantage of Minimal Branding

Read about our 3 favourite new companies who have realised the importance of focusing efforts on creating an online buzz. Rather than wasting time on over-complicating design, these pioneers are taking advantage of minimal branding. Brandless You may remember us...

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by Gavin

30th Aug 2017

YouTube’s New Logo: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The site started out as a way for desktop users to browse and watch videos and has since become a cultural phenomenon in its own right. This new logo is a way of reacting to that and making the branding...

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by Adam

21st Feb 2017

5 Steps to Strengthen Your Online Brand

The truth is everyone is going to have an opinion about your business. In fact, we actively request opinions from our customers. Whether you get negative or positive feedback, take a look at what steps you can take to creating a...

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