Wren’s Tale Goes Live!

20 May 2020| Post by Niko3 minutes


In spite of the lockdown, through the collaborative hard work of Limely and Wren’s Tale – the site is officially live!

When Wren’s Tale approached Limely back in February, we were all unaware of what the next few months held for not only us, but the entire nation! With that said, by working from home and through the power of zoom, work still ticked on and now we can officially announce that Wren’s Tale website is officially live! As a start-up company, Wren’s Tale recognised the importance of having a top-notch website in order to present their brand and create a high-quality shopping experience for their brand new customers. So where else to come but the team here at Limely!

We especially love helping startups hit the ground running with a beautiful website, so when Wren’s Tale approached us we were itching to get started. So, with the site live and orders already flying in,  we thought we’d share with you exactly what we’ve achieved.

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First, a little refresher!

Wren’s Tale is a homeware provider based in North Wales. It is a family affair; run by husband and wife team Rick and Hefina who wanted to utilise their love for stylish homeware to bring warmth and style to the homes of others. They are a brand new company so came to Limely for help with creating their brand, house style and providing a place where customers can purchase homewares for themselves. As a brand new venture, Limely couldn’t wait to take it online and make Wren’s vision a reality.

Limely’s first launched site on Shopify

This site contained a lot of first for everyone as this marks the first site that Limely have built on ecommerce platform, Shopify! Using its handy features, we applied bespoke designs and faultless development to end up with a flawless ecommerce site that not only looks good but provides the user with a great shopping experience that will keep them coming back for more.

After sitting down with Wren’s Tale to get a grip on their vision, we really wanted to encapsulate feelings of home and style within Wren’s designs; using a neutral colour palette and a handwritten font for their logo to demonstrate not only the handmade aspects of some of their products but to reflect the care and attention they have for bringing that warmth to the home of the customer.

We put the user at the forefront of our minds as we design and developed the homepage. We implemented a clear and easy to use navigation menu, as well as a clear search bar to make sure users could find exactly what they were looking for, quickly and efficiently. Just to make it even easier for the user to find Wren’s Tale’s beautiful products, we made sure to fill the homepage with lots of elements, CTA buttons, content and amazing product images to draw in the user at first glance and take them exactly where they need to be.

We also helped enable the possibility for gift cards and made sure to display all of the integrated platforms that make shopping with Wren’s Tale a safe and secure experience.

Overall, the site is a success! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Wren’s Tale and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Take a look at the finished site for yourself!

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