Wren’s Tale Choose Limely

5 February 2020| Post by Graham2 minutes


New year, new clients! We would like to introduce our latest new client, Wren’s Tale!

As per our latest Monthly Round-Up, at the end of January Limely acquired a shiny new client in the form of Wren’s Tale. They have put their trust in our expertise and have come to Limely for a beautifully designed Shopify ecommerce site in which will house not only their brand’s style and ethics, but their extensive list of products available for purchase. Oh boy, are we about to deliver!

But first, a bit about Wren’s Tale

Wren’s Tale is a stylish homeware provider hailing from North Wales. As a brand spanking new start-up company, Wren’s Tale is relatively new to the world of ecommerce, hence their latest collaboration with Limely. With our help, Wren’s Tale will be taking their business online to branch out to a wide customer base who will just be eating up their on-trend and must-have homeware products.

What is Limely going to do?

Limely will be whipping up an ecommerce site on Shopify in which will not only perfectly represent their house style and what signifies their brand, but house and stylishly display all their products ready for users to slip into their online basket. The site will be designed with Wren’s ideas and brand in mind, as well as their future customers. The site will not only look great but provide a flawless experience for the user, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and sales. Through special attributes that do well within an ecommerce site, like optimised content, integrations of secure payment systems and displayed promotions,  we’ll make sure to sustain high levels of functionality, UX, UI and most importantly, a site that customers will want to return to again and again.

We can’t wait to get things started – watch this space!

If you’re a new business looking for the perfect website to make your mark on the world of ecommerce, call Limely today! 



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