Winning and Losing Ecommerce Categories During COVID-19

9 April 2020| Post by Gavin3 minutes


As our local supermarkets adapted according to government advice and lockdown ensued, more of us turned to online shopping

Online shopping is forever on the rise as people settle into the convenience of ordering everything they need straight to their home. And as the government announced stricter rules regarding lockdown, popping to the shops is now out of the question and we’re relying on online shopping more than ever. This has obviously caused a substantial knock-on effect to certain products amongst ecommerce, and Limely thought they’d look into what exactly is being effected during this pandemic.

So, here are the top winning and losing categories!

Thriving and Declining Ecommerce Sectors during COVID-19

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As you can see from our infographic, the results certainly reflect the current state of affairs and the processes put in place to help combat the further spread of the coronavirus. The categories shown to be on the rise are no surprise thanks to self-isolation and nationwide lockdown. Online shoppers have been stocking up on those all-important lockdown essentials so they are prepped for if stricter measures are enforced; buying healthcare products, long-lasting foods and ways in which to store them as well as those guilty pleasures to ensure morale whilst stuck at home.

The working from home guidelines can also be seen to be reflected in these statistics in the significant rise in office chair and monitor purchases. As for the rise in home fitness equipment, this is an expected result of many leisure facilities and gyms being closed in result of the lockdown.

With this closure of many outside facilities, the categories we see to be losing consist of equipment predominantly used for outside, like golf and camping equipment as well as swimwear. And with many events being cancelled and postponed, the same can be said for formal wear.

What can ecommerce site owners do with this information?

As the statistics illustrate, the majority of us who are online shopping are adapting their spends due to being confined to their home for the foreseeable. This gives a solid focal point for ecommerce marketing which can be applied to homepages, specialised offers and social media posts.

This means not only can ecommerce owners adapt marketing to gain the best amount of traction, but effectively help users find what they need during this time; helping improve user experience and making for happy customers in a time of increased stress.  Marketing for those that are isolating at home also encourages the public to stay home and make use of their time by using the perfect product whilst abiding to public health advice.

For a more in-depth look at how businesses are adapting their sites during the lockdown, click here to read our blog all about it!


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