Wildwood Choose Limely

13 May 2022| Post by Niko2 minutes


They say Spring is for fresh starts – that’s why we couldn’t be happier to welcome yet another great client this Spring!

We’re so excited to bring on board Wildwood for our next project. In need of a brand new website for their chain of restaurants, we’ll be creating a site just as good as their pizza – yum!

Wildwood Choose Limely

Who are Wildwood?

You’re probably wondering “who is this new client that makes delicious pizza” right? Wildwood are a national chain of restaurants specialising in all things pizza, pasta, burgers and even risotto (can we stop working and go now please?)

Wildwood care for history and heritage, that’s why every one of their restaurants is located within a handpicked building that’s full of character and charm. With over 40 locations throughout the UK, Wildwood’s ethos brings historical buildings back to life by offering great vibes in beautiful places.

Wildwood food flat-lay

What we’ll be doing

Team Limely will be creating a killer website to take Wildwood to the next-level.

Without glossing over it, the current website feels clunky and inefficient, with no obvious journey to guide the user. First and foremost, we’ll do what we do best; get into the mindset of Wildwood’s site visitors and optimise the user-experience.

We will transform the site by reducing friction points which deter visitors from taking action, streamline the user-journey and highlight CTA’s to attract leads. Ultimately, this will increase conversions, improve brand trust and drive growth.

Wildwood Liverpool

Currently, Wildwood’s online booking forms are painfully slow and require too many actions from the user. We’ll focus on improving these load-times whilst also ensuring the booking process is sleek and simplified.

Our SEO expert will implement a range of tactics to improve rankings in local search results, as this is a desired area of growth for Wildwood. Additionally, a range of technical SEO techniques will be employed to improve rankings and domain authority.

Our designers will wave their magic wands to ensure every page looks crisp, clean and simply beautiful! Our designers always strike the perfect balance between aesthetically pleasing and super-functional, so we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

We’re so looking forward to transforming this website, you too can keep up to date with our progress on the blog!


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