Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data Driven

13 May 2020| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

Back in the day, marketing was just a stab in the dark

But thanks to innovations in technology, data analysis and marketing itself, we’re now aware that there is a much more effective method that does nothing but bring in results. By using the available tools and methods, businesses can use their site and customer analytics to create marketing content that is focused, channelled and sculpted to the behaviours of your users; allowing for purposeful and effective marketing that will engage its targeted audience.

Although that does sound all a bit technical, odds are you’re already doing it! But just to make sure you’re all clued up on data-driven marketing and what it can do for you, let’s break it down a bit.

Firstly, what exactly is data-driven marketing?

Data-driven marketing refers to marketing produced with numbers and customer analytics as its foundation. This might include reports on what users have browsed on your site, things they’ve bought in the past and even items that they have left in their shopping cart. Not only is it a great way to get to know your customers, but to produce personalised and targeted marketing which directly appeals to your audience. Understanding your clientele makes marketing a lot more structured and can lead to better results. Analysing your data lets you know what your customers want, and what you need to focus on when crafting your latest marketing campaign.

Some of the data you can use as the basis of your targeted marketing can include:

  • Shopping history
  • Interaction with your social media platforms
  • Browsing behaviour
  • Account activity

Why is it so effective?

If you look back at the history of marketing, it began as a very hit and miss strategy. With data and web analytics being widely available in this day and age, there’s no excuse to not have strategically created marketing that directly targets your customers. And that’s why data-driving marketing is so effective. When used correctly, it applies directly to your customer, their needs and even their interests.


Through data-driven marketing, one way you can make effecting marketing is applying that personal touch; actively using their presence and shopping behaviour to craft marketing that can directly apply to them. Why not address them by name within email marketing? Why not remarket products to them then relate to something they’ve just bought?

This technique is more likely to engage your customers to click and return to your site, as well as respect your brand for being so customer orientated. It lets the customer know that they are seen and heard by your brand and that you care about their needs.


Data-driven marketing also helps you produce relevant content. Using your customer’s browsing and ordering habits or even their interaction with your social media helps to produce marketing content that not only rings familiar but is extremely relatable. Maybe you’re urging them back on your site, after they quit prematurely, via pop up ads? Or reminding them of the products they’ve just left in their cart via an email?

Utilising the information available to you about your customer’s current behaviour helps encourage sales that may have been previously lost and allows you to reinsert your presence in an instance where they may have even moved on to a competitor.


Another reason why you can’t have effective marketing without it being data-driven is that it allows you to churn out great quality content. Wave goodbye to repetitive, dull content that is easy scroll past. By utilising the data available, you can find out what your customers want to see rather than just throwing out with you think  may work. This allows you to get creative with your posts and campaigns, and enable you to post frequently – keeping your presence known and your social media platforms fresh and up to  date.

What are you waiting for?

Long story short, you can’t have effective and successful marketing that yields results without it being data-driven. Forget posting a campaign and crossing your fingers hoping for the best. Assess you analytics and the data brought about by your customers and their behaviour to see what they would actually want to see. Get to know your customers; show them that you want their loyalty and care about their needs. This is how you get customers coming back to your business and wanting utilise your products and services.


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