Why You Shouldn’t Ditch Your Website as the Shops Re-Open

16 April 2021| Post by Adam4 minutes


Since April 12th, the nation has been revelling in their newfound freedom since the easing of some lockdown restrictions

Step 2 of the Prime Minister’s Roadmap saw pub gardens open, as well as hairdressers, salons and high street stores that came under the category of ‘non-essential’.

In the weeks leading up to April 12th, businesses both in retail and beauty have been doing all they can to blow the dust off their tills and a-boards and prepare to open the doors to customers once again.

Amongst all the excitement of re-opening high street stores, it could be that hundreds of websites in which were so heavily relied upon in lockdown are the ones now gathering dust.

As a web agency, it pains us to see abandoned websites sat there like lost puppies; we just see SO much wasted potential!

So, as a business owner, you definitely be working towards a balance of making sure your physical store is top-notch, as well as your website. Not convinced? Well, read on!

As an extension of our original Instagram post, here’s why you shouldn’t forget about your website in spite of your physical shop/business reopening.

Efficient Booking Systems

For businesses like salons, hairdressers and other nail bars, April 12th would have no doubt brought a flurry of new bookings and customers ringing up trying to nab their slot. Booking online makes everything easier for both you and your customers – providing a more organised and streamlined way of getting their spot in your calendar.

Ensuring your website has an efficient booking system is a great way to boost your UX and overall customer experience, and of course, offer your clients an easy and stress-free way to book now you’ve reopened your physical store.

Many website platforms that Limely likes to work with such as Shopify, WordPress and even Magento 2 offer extendable properties that allow us to integrate quality, highly functional booking systems that will do your business justice.

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Safety Measures

Whilst it’s all very exciting that we’ve been able to claw back some normality, we still need to be sticking to the current safety guidelines which will ensure smooth sailing to the next step of the roadmap. This means making sure customers and clients are fully aware of the measures you have place in-store, including wearing a mask, social distancing and showing up no earlier than 5 minutes for your appointment.

Stating this information over the phone or in-store can definitely be lost in translation so making sure your website is up to date with your current safety measures is a great opportunity to demonstrate your customer-centric approach, your dedication to staying safe and through well written, informative content, your brand’s tone.

If you’re not blessed with the gift and the gab and need help building up content that’s both informative and on-brand, contact Limely and our in-house writer!

Updating Customers

Keeping your customers up to date with all the latest company news and information is hard, especially if you rely solely on face to face contact. Having an up to date websites provides you with a platform that customers can continually check up on and ensure that they are aware of all the possible changes and updates to safety regulations.

Integrating a newsletter sign-up button as well as adding a blog area to your site is a great way to not only keep your customers in the loop but build up a contact list for email marketing and boost SEO.

Gaining New Customers

An active online presence and an optimised, highly functional website is also a great way to gain new customers. And who wouldn’t want a flurry of new businesses after a national lockdown!

Through strategic content, social media marketing and email marketing, you could be widening your audience and gaining new clients left right and centre thanks to the power of SEO.

Are you in need of a helping hand to implement all of this on your site? Or are you on the lookout for a new website altogether? Well, look no further than right here at Limely!

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