Why You Should Consider a ‘Dark Mode’ Option For Your Website

23 September 2020| Post by Carmine4 minutes

Carmine D'Amore


Dark mode is so in vogue right now – everyone’s wearing it!

From Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and most of our favourite browsers – they all now present us with the option to turn out the light and live in the dark.

But why is there such a user demand for dark mode? Is it the secret hipster inside all of us that just enjoys something a little bit different, cooler and sophisticated? Or are we just all regressing back to our goth phases where it was dark colours or NOTHING. Either way, with all the hype – it’s probably got other website owners thinking they too should be jumping on this trendy bandwagon.

And quite right too as it seems that there are actually some valid reasons out there to why users love dark mode so much, and why many of our favourite online platforms and browsers are choosing to provide the option. So, we thought we’d delve in deep to explain this phenomenon and provide you with reasons why you should be thinking about adding it to your list of site features.

Saves battery life

Making the switch to dark mode helps those using laptops, mobiles and tablets to save their battery life. Many of these devices have what is called an OLED screen (standing for Organic Light Emitting Diode), and lighting up all that white space on a web page uses a lot of your device’s energy

By switching to dark mode, it takes less energy to power the screen and can save you up to 23.5% of your device’s battery! What a nice little potential perk for your users. 😇

Better for your eyes

And we don’t just mean aesthetically. Those who work with computers every day, and the majority of us who are guilty of scrolling on our phones before we go to sleep, will be very familiar with the eye strain and migraines that sometimes come along with staring at a bright screen. This is thanks to our eyes constantly focusing and reading what’s in front of us, which causes them to become very tired and sometimes quite puffy, itchy and dry. Changes in lighting don’t help either, hence why lying in the dark trying to read a brightly lit phone screen is not the best set up.

Switching to dark mode helps relieve some of the effects of high screen usage. Not only can light text on a darker background be easier to read, but the darker, softer tones reduce some of the strain. However, it doesn’t totally provide solutions for sore, tired eyes. There are even some who speculate on how much dark mode actually does help, as it always depends on the person and the type of screen you have. The only way to truly help your eyes is to put down your phone or laptop once and a while and give yourself a little break. (After you’ve finished reading this blog post though, obviously.)

Great for accessibility

Not too long ago, Limely posted a blog post exploring ways that you could make your website more accessible for users who happen to have visual, hearing or even physical disabilities. Amongst our research, we found that that offering different colour palettes for your site particularly helps those with visual impairments in reading and using your site.

The premise of dark mode has the same effect, and many of our favourite platforms have chosen to adopt a dark mode option in order to boost its accessibility as lighter texts on darker backgrounds and other contrasting colours can allow text to stand out a lot more – allowing for a better online experience for those who suffer from certain visual impairments.

User customisation

One small benefit that would come about from implementing dark mode is that you put some control into the hands of the user as they are able adapt their experience according to their individual needs. This helps boost overall UX and can set a precedent for your apparent customer-centric approach. Users can customise and change the appearance of your site at their will, which let’s face it, can be really fun.

Have you been converted to the dark side? Or are you not convinced?

If you’re thinking about adding a dark mode option to your site, come and speak to Limely today!


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