Why You Should be Thinking About a New Website for June 21st

16 March 2021| Post by Graham4 minutes


In one of the government’s latest announcement, the Prime minister announced that if things go to plan, all current restrictions could be lifted by June 21st.

What’s that? A glimmer of hope? Sure looks like it! ✨

And with this news, retailers and other ecommerce owners have been working towards getting their customers revved and ready for their first taste of freedom. Popular online fashion retailers such as ASOS and Missguided have even gone as far as creating a whole ‘June 21st Edit’ category so their customers can be outfit ready when the pubs and clubs reopen.

Fashion retailer or not, June 21st can be a goal for all ecommerce owners to vamp up and truly optimise their websites and online stores. Not only has this date brought some hope to a locked-down nation, but has given businesses, especially those who have been relatively quiet throughout lockdown, an opportunity to wake up and start being there for their customers once again.

But don’t just take our word for it Here are four reasons why you should be thinking of a brand new ecommerce site for June 21st, no matter your industry.

*Disclaimer – Lockdown guidelines may have changed since Limely wrote this article so to see the latest government guidelines, click here.

Large events starting back up

A lift on nationwide restrictions would mean that all of the previously cancelled events will be allowed to go forward including everything from festivals and gigs to family parties and weddings. With people being able to get excited once again, they’re going to be turning to online stores for items such as new, themed outfits, must-have helpful gadgets, decorations, gifts and many more accessories that will allow them to return with a bang.

With people rushing to their favourite online store to get their event/party essentials, websites are going to need to be prepped for an immediate rush as well as the ability to comply with heavy demand. That means optimising features such as page speed, your mobile site and everything that will make for a quick and easy shopping experience.

Ecommerce platform Magento 2 is a favourite amongst the Limely team as it is the best foundation for a flawless shopping experience thanks to its up to date features and extendable capabilities. If you think you’re business is ready to take the leap to Magento 2 and have an online store ready for anything – click here to speak with Limely.

People travelling abroad again

With everyone having been locked in the house for over a year,  there’s no doubt that when the travel ban is lifted everyone will be rushing to online travel agents to book their escapist trip abroad. This means not just online travel agents but travel insurance companies and holiday fashion retailers are going to have to make sure they are ready for the heavy flow of traffic coming their way.

From efficient enquiry forms, filtered searches, content and other features that make online holiday shopping a breeze, each one is going to have to be performing at full capacity in order to provide the best experience possible all whilst managing with the rush.

Will your site be up to the challenge? If not, it’s probably time for a website overhaul!

A shift in marketing focus

As we’ve all acclimatised to a new way of life, many businesses have directed their marketing and featured products towards lockdown life. When that’s over, your website should let your consumers know that it’s a space that will allow them to prepare themselves for normality. So, just like ASOS and Missguided, the time to have a rejig of your site, its navigation, its products, it’s design and marketing is June 21st. (If everything goes to plan 🤞)

Not everyone will be excited to go back out

If everything does go to plan and we do end up going back to normality on June 21st, no doubt that most of us will be excited to get back out there. But not all of us will feel the same. Some people may still be a bit wary about going back to normality and this means that online stores and other websites will still be needing to be performing at their fullest potential in order to be there for people who will still be heavily relying on online services.

Are you looking for the perfect agency that will get your online store ready for normality? Well, you’re search can stop at Limely! Click here to speak to us today!


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