Why 2021 is the Year Your Online Business Should Get a Blog

13 January 2021| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

As viruses do, the impact of COVID has seemed to have spread to every corner of society

Content marketing being no exception!

But as we become accustomed to a working from home and socially distanced way of life, our businesses and the way we reach out to our audience must adapt too.

It’s no lie that here at Limely, we are huge advocates of the mighty blog post as a form of effective content marketing. It’s the surefire way of not only giving your SEO strategy a MEGA boost but effectively demonstrating what sets your business apart from your competitors. It’s your chance to really show off your voice, demonstrate your expertise and be the refreshing lighthouse amongst the sea of businesses screaming at customers to buy something.

And this is why we are surprised when we come across a business who have chosen not to benefit from a blog/news area on their site, or worse, let theirs gather dust – especially with how the pandemic has impacted how we consume online marketing!

So, for all those who fall under that umbrella, we thought we’d tell you exactly why you should be considering adding a blog area to your site in 2021.

Boost that SEO!

According to Ofcom we’ve been breaking records with our online usage during the pandemic. Now, UK adults spend more than a quarter of their working day browsing the internet. We see that as a LOT of opportunities to attract attention to your business.

Producing regular, intriguing content, that also incorporates targeted keywords, can help broaden your appearance within search engines and work towards boosting your SEO. And with more people than ever turning to Google for help, advice and their favourite products, it would be silly not to take advantage and make sure your business is popping up wherever it can.

Be the deal breaker

A blog/news area on your website is the place where you can really let your uniqueness shine through. You can use it to further demonstrate your expertise, your attentive customer service or even treat it as an informative outlet that acts as a friendly company representative. Either way, it can allow you to slightly stray away from all the serious business side of things, and show the user why they should be settling with you amongst the rest.

Woman Taking Notes

With online customer footfall higher than ever during the pandemic, many of your competitors will be taking this time to brush up on their marketing and ensure that the traffic is falling towards them. Don’t let this be a reason for you to get lost in the crowd! Show customers that you’ve got what they haven’t with regular, well thought out blog posts that show you have the full package – a fun and casual company that’s also professional and knows exactly what they’re doing.

Spread the word

With the majority of us glued to social media for a lot of our day (easily done during a national lockdown), we’re going through viral trends like loo roll (intentional lockdown pun). With news travelling fast, there has never been a better time to get as much content out there as possible to spread the word of your business. By keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s hot, you can create blog posts that simultaneously join in with the current conversation and present your name to the masses.

Keep your site alive and kickin’!

Having a blog area on your site gives you the excuse to constantly be updating your content – efficiently demonstrating your active online presence. With many businesses being effected by COVID, it’s essential that you’re letting your customer base know that your business is one of the lucky ones that are still offering their products and services.

So, are you ready to make waves with your blog in 2021?

Well, if you need any help, be sure to drop our very own blog writing extraordinaire a message at [email protected]


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