Effective Ways White Space Can Be Integrated Into Web Design

6 May 2017| Post by Graham2 minutes


Yes, you read that correctly, white space, when used correctly can form part of a compelling website layout that ticks a plethora of user experience boxes.

In a world full of constant distractions, the ‘less is more’ approach has become somewhat obligatory when it comes to designing a respectable website. After all, crowded websites can be difficult to consume and complex features can become overwhelming for users.

If different elements of your site are equally vying for the users attention it can put a stop to the desired action you wish them to take, which will see your conversion rate go down faster than an Anthony Joshua KO. One way to combat this issue when is comes to web design is white space.

What Do We Mean By White Space?

Blk Water White Space Example

White space gives the layout breathing room by taking advantage of the space between elements across your site. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be white, just empty. Ultimately, white space allows for the asymmetric balance of elements by intentionally using the empty space as part of the design.

Your website should be easy to understand, with scanable and readable content. White space is a concept that creates positive web experiences, making appealing content very easy to follow.

Three Examples of White Space in Web Design

To really get the point across we compiled these three examples of when white space was put to good use….


Apple White Space

Jonathan Ive is the guy behind Apple’s simplistic and seamless product design, which is translated perfectly throughout the Apple site. Utilizing the empty space places unprecedented focus on the product itself, creating a sharp, clean and professional layout.


Buffer White Space

Social media scheduling platform Buffer combines illustrations and white space to great effect. The overall look and feel is approachable which makes what appears to be a complex proposition seem like a fun and useful tool to sample.

Classic Ford Broncos

Classic Ford Broncos White Space

Classic Ford Broncos are an American company that create custom-built trucks. A little different from the rest of the sites we’ve handpicked, they perfectly illustrate empty space through the stunning photography used throughout the site.

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