When Face Masks Meet Tech

25 January 2021| Post by Matt3 minutes


At the moment, the face mask could be considered the number one accessory of both 2020 and 2021.

And those wearing them are helping to step on the spread of COVID and keeping those around them safe.

Masks have just become another part of this new normal and is now probably a part of your ‘leaving the house’ checks alongside your phone and keys. With this said, we thought that there must be some tech boffins somewhere in the world that have had a light bulb moment and started working on ways that they could adapt the humble mask and give it a futuristic twist.

We had a little Google and weren’t disappointed!

So, without further ado, here are some masks that are continuing the effort to keep us safe and stop the spread of COVID as well as breaking the barriers between PPE and technology.


HaloMasks were an invention that came way before COVID-19 had entered are vocabulary. They were created to help those around the world living in conditions where the air quality was either deadly or drastically affecting their health. This included the volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, as well as the wildfires in California. And their products have been called on once again due to the current pandemic.

HaloMasks used technology to create ‘Superior Nano-filtration‘ to allow the mask to filter out the toxicities in the air, as well as its fitting design that prevents air leakage.


Binatone’s Maskfone is a washable, reusable mask that’s going to set you back about £50, and for a very good reason!

The Maskfone comes with built-in Bluetooth, a microphone, play/pause buttons, as well as capabilities for Siri/Amazon integration meaning you can control it via your voice. All of the above, including inserts for your headphones, allows you to speak on the phone without having to remove your mask. 🤯

This ultimate smart mask should be available for purchase later this year!

Donut Robotics’ Smart Mask

A new robotics company in Japan are currently working on releasing a mask that will not only encourage social distancing but change the world of communication for good, especially between patients and medical professionals.

The C-Mask works as a translator; taking the words spoken from the wearer and actively providing a direct translation to the recipient’s smartphone. Although the mask itself is designed to go over another in order to also protect against COVID, it bodes well for those having to stay 2 metres+ apart.

AirPop’s Active Plus

AirPop’s mask is the most expensive one in this list, being priced at a whopping £149.99. But is has a very good reason for being so!

As well as benefitting from replaceable air filters, the mask is made to be used alongside a smartphone app which will not only inform you of your day to day breathing habits but also tells you exactly what your mask is protecting you from by listing the specific pollutants that have entered its filtering system. This mega mask is due to be available in the next couple of months!

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