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7 April 2022| Post by Graham5 minutes


Ssh! We’re about to let you in on a well kept secret…

In a society consumed by our smartphones, it’s no surprise that on average, we individually open WhatsApp 23-25 times per day! Businesses are beginning to realise that this is a great opportunity to reach customers right where they are, on a platform they already trust. Without further ado, here’s how WhatsApp for business can revolutionise your customer’s journey!

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Superior Customer Service

Competition within the ecommerce sector is only increasing and that’s why it’s crucial for your business to have the BEST personalised customer service out there. Imagine having the ability to respond to customer queries within a matter of seconds, let alone minutes! WhatsApp can help you to amplify your customer service experience in a number of ways; Whether you have employees on-hand, ready and waiting to respond to individual enquiries or you utilise automated responses, the platform enables you to communicate with customers in real time.

WhatsApp Business API enables even more advanced auto responses, push notifications and a WhatsApp ChatBot for your website which can even respond to FAQs. Two-way communication is the way forward in the ecommerce sector, as it helps to build relationships and trust! Could you get a more convenient way to communicate with consumers than on a platform that most people are already using on a daily basis? We think not!

Experiential Ecommerce

Right now, a huge trend in the online shopping industry is experiential ecommerce. This trend sees businesses determined to ensure that they prioritise experiences over sales tactics. A key component is ensuring that users feel a human connection and personal touch, as opposed to feeling like they are interacting with a brand or robot. The more interactive a platform is, the more immersed the user becomes. Subtle experiential approaches such as influencer marketing help to maintain the human connection between brands and users. This can be amplified by using WhatsApp for business; WhatsApp is the place we go to message our family and friends, to communicate with the people we truly care about, that’s why it can be a brilliant tool for developing connections between users and brands.

WhatsApp provides a great opportunity to capture prospect customers and build trust within a platform customers already depend upon. Only 7% of marketers are currently using WhatsApp for business purposes, so we think it’s about time you seize the day and utilise this opportunity before it becomes yet another overcrowded digital space!

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On top of that, personalisation is another crucial element. Tailor-made experiences compound human connection and build trust. Tailored WhatsApp push notifications, personalised communication, abandoned cart recovery messages and customer surveys are all features that can be used to enhance the customer experience and help to build long-term relationships.

Omnichannel Commerce

Omnichannel commerce is a relatively new approach to the selling and e-commerce industry. Nevertheless, its popularity has been sky-rocketing in recent years. 73% of customers use multiple platforms and channels during their purchase journey. How many times have you spotted a product on Instagram, looked at it again online but ultimately purchased it within the brand’s app or in-store? These multifaceted sales journeys are becoming ubiquitous. A study by Harvard Business Review highlighted that the more channels a customer uses, the more valuable they are; both in terms of their average transaction value and also their customer lifetime value.

So “how can WhatsApp help me?” we hear you ask! Well, WhatsApp for business allows you to meet your customers exactly where they are in their buying journey. It allows you to intercept their journey and gently encourage sales by delivering value and a memorable human touch. In-built WhatsApp business features such as product catalogs, digital storefronts and menu’s are not too dissimilar to an online shopping experience and all contribute to touch-points your consumer is interacting with before making a purchase decision. The more channels you can communicate with customers on, the merrier!

Alternative Marketing

In a time where we need to up our marketing game in order to stand out from the crowd, WhatsApp for business could be a game changer. Many brands are turning to SMS marketing to get the word out about their latest offers, events or exclusive deals. In theory, this is a great idea but it can be a relatively expensive method as you are charged for every SMS message. Switching to WhatsApp for business will not only save time with its broadcast feature, it will also save you valuable pennies! Whilst SMS messages are limited to reaching mobile phones, WhatsApp can reach customers whether they are on their phone, desktop, iPad or even tablet, all that’s needed is an internet connection! It’s a cost-effective alternative to SMS marketing that yields better results and reach. What more can you ask for?

WhatsApp provides an abundance of opportunities to reach new customers, build relationships with existing users and ultimately contribute to increasing those all important conversions! Now is a great time to explore this relatively new channel for business use and we’d encourage you to try it out!

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