What to Expect From Facebook’s Redesign in September

26 August 2020| Post by Matt3 minutes


Earlier this year, Facebook began trialling a brand new design for desktop.

And now, after finalising designs and getting approval from their ever-growing audience, Facebook will be going forward with their new look this September – waving goodbye to the classic look that we’ve known and loved.

But not to worry! Change is good, especially when you’re a popular platform that needs to keep up with the current trends. And from what some of us saw back in March when trialling the new design, we’re excited for what’s in store!

But what exactly can we expect? Just before we officially say adios to the Facebook that we’re so used to, we thought we’d let you know exactly what you’ll be faced with when you log on in September.

– Bye, bye blue

Image: Facebook – The New Facebook

That’s right! That classic Facebook blue, the one that has adorned the banner of Facebook since its humble beginnings, has been cut! Facebook is ditching the blue and going for a crisp and clean all-white look which complements its new simple layout and design.

– Clean and tidy

Speaking of their ‘new simple layout’, Facebook have tidied up their homepage – sprucing and tweaking the sidebars and rearranging links and buttons to make for a clearer and less cluttered layout. The new, spacious design is modern, easier on the eyes and makes finding Facebook’s main features a lot easier.

– New fonts and icons

As well as a little rejig of the overall layout, you can expect to see new fonts and swanky new icons, including Facebook’s logo. These can be found on the left in their new sidebar menu, as well as your own profile which has also had a little redesign to make editing your information and updating your friends and family easier than ever.

– Dark mode option

Image: Facebook

For all the cool cats out there who seemed to love Twitter’s new ‘dark mode’ option, it’s now been brought to Facebook! Amongst the new features, you can switch out the new, white design for black. This can help users with certain visual impairments to have the best experience possible and gives the new design a little bit more variety and adaptability. And let’s face it, it looks good too.

– New navigation bar

To put more focus on some of Facebook’s most popular features like Facebook Marketplace, icons have been moved from the original sidebar to the top of your feed in their own navigation menu. This allows you to jump to and from your favourite Facebook features, making for a much smoother experience.

– New Groups feed

Talking of the new navigation menu, Facebook is also introducing a feed specifically for ‘Facebook Groups‘ within their new design. Switching to groups via the menu, you will be taken to a more personalised feed as it shows you all of the content posted by the groups you are a part of, as well as promoting similar groups that, based on your activity, it thinks you would want to join.

This not only allows for a more individualised experience but makes your feed easier to navigate and provides you with content that interests you.

Are you excited about their new look? Or do you not like change? Let us know by following us Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!


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