What Makes a Great Careers Page?

21 August 2020| Post by Gavin4 minutes


As your business grows, as should your team!

And we should know as we’ve taken on two additional team members in the last two months! And one of the main reasons why we found the perfect candidates so quickly, apart from being the best place to work 😏 , is our top-notch careers page!

There are many ways you can advertise your job vacancies. Some choose to do it through recruiters or one of the many job sites out there, but the best way to truly show off your business and provide the potential candidate with all the information they need is to create an effective ‘Careers’ page on your website.

But how do you go about crafting the perfect page that gets people clicking? Well, we thought we’d bring you what we consider some of the best features that can direct you in the right direction.

The right content

The main feature of a great careers page is the content. In order for it to be effective, you need to provide the user with all the information they would need to know about the role itself and what would urge them to apply. So, without bombarding them with an essay, you need to try and summarise these three key points:

  • Who you are
  • What is the role
  • What kind of person you’re looking for

By hitting these points in so many words, the user can decide quickly whether the job is right for them and whether they want to apply. This way, you get all the right people sending in their applications – saving time and bringing you the right candidate.

Your brand’s personality

You might be looking for a new team member, but so might every other business in town. So, through your content and additional images, you should be showing off your business as much as you can.

Not only should you be showing your potential applicant why they would want to be working with you, (maybe showing off pictures of the team, days out or fun, office candids), but you should be doing your best to stand out amongst the competition. As they send of their CVs to multiple businesses, it’s yours that should be sticking in their mind.

Don’t be afraid to urge them to dig deeper about your business – include CTA links and buttons to your ‘About Page’ or your ‘Meet the Team’ page so they can get a feel for who you are, even before they sit down for an interview.

A functional form

The cherry on top to a perfect careers page is a great form. When compared to just plonking your email address and phone number at the end of the page, it’s a great way to demonstrate your professionalism and attention to detail.

Your own form can be customised to what information you want to know from your applicant and can range from their personal details, like name and contact number, to questions about the job and their eligibility. This way, it’s easier to sort through your applicants and narrow down the best ones for you.

File Upload

A great feature to have on your careers page is a place in which they can upload the appropriate documents. This can be used as an accompaniment to your contact form and could add that extra level of professionalism needed to impress and reassure your potential applicant.

Great SEO

In order to get a good flow of great applicants in your inbox, you need to make sure that your vacancy is being seen by the right people. When your vacancy is live on the site, you can always begin sharing it on all of your social media platforms, but in order to ensure you are reaching your target audience, it’s all about perfecting your SEO.

Inserting the right keywords and phrases that surround the role at hand will allow your job vacancy to pop up in the searches of your ideal candidate. So, when it comes to writing your meta title, description and page copy, it’s important to include everything you will need to appear in the right search results. This might include the role title itself, special skills and specific qualifications vital to the job in question.

So, is your careers page up to scratch?

If you’re looking for some help to spruce up your website – come and talk to the experts over here at Limely!


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