What does Google Know About You?

28 January 2021| Post by Charlotte2 minutes

We use the internet for a multitude of reasons…

Whether we’re shopping, researching or just chatting with our friends, we find ourselves online for a large part of our day.

Wherever we are on the internet, the one thing we cannot escape is personalised ads – they’re everywhere! At first, it was a little creepy, and the ‘our phones are listening to us’ conspiracies began, but now it’s kind of become a part of our time online and not forgetting a great marketing tool for online businesses.

But have you ever wondered how the internet knows what to show you? Cookies could be to blame, but what about when they get just a bit too specific? Well, did you know that whilst you’ve been living your life online, Google has been taking notes.

Yep, that’s right! Every time you make a search, answer some questions or satisfy your latest ASOS itch, Google has added to their database so the ads you get can appeal to you and you only! Not only does this mean you see only what you would want to see, but your experiences online become a lot more personalised.

Recently on TikTok, some digital marketers have revealed the tricks of the trade and told the world exactly where to go to view this database. Given that you’re already signed into your Google account, clicking on a certain link will take you to your Ad Personalisation Settings and give you access to everything Google has learnt about you – from what age it thinks you are, your interests and even your relationship status!

And we just happen to have the link you need!

Click here

You might be impressed, you might be shocked and you even might feel a bit violated. But not to worry! It’s nothing you haven’t allowed Google to know yourself, and it’s only in aid to provide you with the best possible experience.

That said, if you’re feeling a bit like big brother’s got your eyes on you, the page also gives you the option to turn personalised ads off.

So, do what you will with this information! You’re so welcome. 😎

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