What 100 Days of Working From Home Has Taught Limely

25 June 2020| Post by Adam4 minutes


Yep, you read that correctly! It’s been a whopping 100 days since Limely left the office and began working from home

Due to the public health guidelines proposed by the government at the time, on the 17th March, the Limely team set up their very own home offices. As a tight-knit team of 9, it took a moment to adjust to this new lifestyle.

But 100 days down, Limely is stronger than ever, despite not setting foot in HQ for 3 whole months. With that said, we thought we’d take a look back at this very strange time to bring you just some of the things we’ve learnt as a web agency working from home.

– Successful meetings don’t need to be in person

Although we’ve been working from home, work hasn’t ceased for Limely. Not only as a team have we had to adapt, but our clients too! As you may have already seen from our blog, we’ve haven’t stopped taking on and completing new projects for our clients; never missing out on our usual level of quality. This has been made possible by online meetings via Zoom which has put us face to face with clients, so we can have those important chats that get the ball rolling.

As much as we LOVE having clients visit us in office, as meeting in person is still so important when building effective relationships, this time has taught us that social distancing doesn’t have to put a dampen on our work and that we can still deliver fantastic results from a distance. This could potentially open up so many opportunities, even when we’re back in the office!

– Social media doesn’t have to suffer

For those who follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that we love to document #LimelyLife in the office; showing you just how much fun we have as a team. When the time came to lock up HQ for the unseeable future, we didn’t know what our social media was going to look like – especially Instagram which provides such a real insight and allows our audience to get to know the team.

With that said, it could be argued that WFH has had nothing but positive effects for our social media! As a web agency, we know the importance of keeping an active social presence, even through strange times such as these.

It has urged us to become a lot more creative with our Instagram posts which has allowed our following to become much more acquainted with the team, posting favourite playlists and our sunny back garden views, as well as putting a lot more focus on the work that is being done behind the scenes.

– A small gesture can go a long way

The current pandemic is nothing like anything we’ve experienced before, and not one person or industry is exempt from its effects – including web agencies! As the pages on the calendar fell and the whole country found themselves in lockdown. many businesses began to suffer, and we watched the whole country band together and help each other out! So, obviously, we had to step up and do our bit for our industry.

On the 24th March, Limely announced that they were there to help – offering clients a 3-month hosting holiday where all payments would be suspended, just to alleviate some of the pressure caused by lockdown and restrictions brought around by the virus. We offered this to all of our clients, as well as a free Covid-19 blog post so they could inform their clients of their stance during the pandemic.

It was the least we could do for our loyal clients, and those three months of suspended payments would have made the world of difference in the long run, especially in such a difficult time.

– We really miss Darts/Pool/Table Tennis breaks

Don’t get us wrong, working from home does have its perks, however, it’s safe to say that working at Limely has more. We’re very big advocates of a ‘work hard, play hard’ ethic and we believe everyone should be able to let off some steam and take a break.

Taking breaks and having some time away from your screen is vital for productivity and helps us create the fantastic results that we’re known for, and the Limely office is certainly equipped for that. With the darts board, pool table and ping pong table probably gathering dust, we are certainly missing our usual brew darts, games of 301 and table tennis tournaments.

Although we know we are contributing to the slow of the pandemic by abiding to government guidelines, we cannot WAIT to get back! In the meantime, you can still expect the same level of web design excellence as we continue to work from our home offices.

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