We’re Increasing Our Prices: Here’s Why

15 April 2019| Post by Graham4 minutes


As of 1st May 2019, we’re increasing our prices as an agency. If you’re an existing client, you’ve probably already received an email about this. But we thought we should expand a little on our reasons for doing so.

Our price increase as of May 2019

We recently sent out an email to our regular clients informing them of our price increase. Our hourly rate has gone up slightly, although it’s still one of the most competitive prices in the region for the work we produce. And we haven’t done this for over two years!

As we like to keep things transparent here at Limely, these are the reasons we’re doing this…

Looking after our team and our office

The last time we upped our prices was two years ago and since then, we’ve hired four people and there will be a few more joining us soon, too. Our bigger team is capable of doing bigger and better things than ever but that means we’ve also got more responsibility.

Alongside our employee’s wages, we have the day-to-day running of the office to upkeep. This includes cleaning and maintenance, all our iMacs and software and extra company perks. We believe in investing in our team to keep them happy so ultimately, they can produce better work for you. And as well as generally having more things to pay for, the cost of those things has actually increased. Namely, rents and rates have increased significantly since we first moved into our city-centre office.

Offering a smooth process and extra support for our clients

Delivering a client’s website involves continuous support from day one – we can sometimes be in contact with clients multiple times a day during the peak of a project! Luckily, we have our project manager Matt to ensure our clients are getting the clarity they need at each step of the process, but his time has to be factored into the cost of any project we take on. And of course, for more technical advice, our devs need to step away from whatever they’re working on and, well, time equals money.

The more clients we have, the more complex the projects get: the more time we need to devote to ensure a client is getting the care and attention they need.

Investing in ourselves, our tools and our skillset

As we just mentioned, we’re constantly increasing our customer base and the complexity of our projects. This is massively exciting (!) but requires better tools, skills and knowledge.

To make sure we can deliver the cutting-edge technologies that go into some of our more complex web work, as well as just generally being better at digital, it’s crucial to research new advancements in the industry, learn as we work and support each other in developing our skills. Increasing our prices will give us more freedom to deliver the advanced tools and improved processes your website might need.

We want to stick around so we can continue to support our clients!

Finally, to keep in business, we have to continue making money by producing impressive work. We still want to be here in a year (and two and five and ten years) to support our clients as their businesses, and websites, evolve. But without increasing our prices and adapting to the changing nature of our work, we might not be able to do that!

We’ve never valued profit over people – that’s not why we’re doing this -, we just simply want to carry on the way we are as we grow our team, expand our skillset and continue to deliver great websites.

If you have any questions at all about why we’re increasing our prices and how that affects you as a new or existing client, please don’t hesitate to give us a bell on 01244 911 366 or drop us a line at [email protected]. Alternatively, we’re active on our social media every day so you can keep an eye on things via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Whatever floats your boat. 


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