Virtual Reality Marketing – It’s a Thing!

30 May 2019| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

The future is here! Well, it’s been here for quite a while.

In the current climate of technological innovations, many brands are opting to venture into augmented and virtual reality in their marketing campaigns. As IKEA release their latest AR app, it begs the question – how do AR and VR fit in with marketing? And how can it help you?

First off, what is VR and AR?

We probably don’t have to tell you what these abbreviations stand for, but we’ll tell you anyway. VR stands for Virtual Reality, which refers to a type of tech which completely submerses the individual into a, yep you guessed it, virtual world. We’ve mainly seen it in the gaming world in the form of headsets and 360 videos, but it has quickly made its way into the essential marketing stratagem.

AR, or Augmented Reality, is a little bit different. Instead of a complete warp of your entire surroundings, AR just alters it slightly. The best example of AR we can think of is the popular online app, Pokémon Go. Through your phone’s camera, you can make the little pocket monsters appear right in front of you in real life surroundings.

They both definitely take gaming to a whole new level, but how can this apply to your business?

How can this relate to brands?

The first person who saw VR in gaming and applied it to marketing and business can definitely give themselves a big pat on the back. The features of mixed reality are just ready-made for fantastic marketing. Just think about it, by adopting VR or AR, businesses are able to immerse consumers in a world designed especially for their brand – allowing them full control of what their customers see and hear. It’s an intense route for marketing but has the potential to go very far; especially in e-commerce.

Products, promotions and campaigns can now be brought face to face with current and potential customers and in some cases, they don’t even have to leave the house. With VR and AR outlets available to download via mobile, as well as bought on the high street, the public will be able to access any VR or AR content your brand releases. This makes it easily accessible, universal, and to be honest – really cool. 😎

When you think it couldn’t get any better, VR can also be shared on social media through features such as 360 videos, meaning your campaign can go far. When we say 360 videos, we are referring to those which you can view more of by moving around your phone; as if your looking at things from a new pair of eyes. Through fun little gadgets, that have even come in foldable cardboard form, your own smartphone can be transformed into a VR viewing device. Due to the tech’s flexibility, most brands could probably find a way to incorporate these cool features into their strategy. The possibilities are endless!

Who’s using it?

VR and AR is a recent innovation, but we know it’s not exactly breaking news. But what’s got us all excited about it again was IKEA’s announcement of their upgraded AR app where customers can place products into their own homes using their smartphone camera. As they virtually add furniture, they can then order and purchase what they like. Gone are the days of trudging around the shop wondering what that pouffe would look like in your bedroom – just pop a virtual one in.

And who could forget the wonderful, yet weird world of Snapchat. We’ve all seen various brands such as Coca-Cola getting in on the AR action with specialised filters and animations that, through your camera, pop up into your world. The marketing benefits of social media are no secret, but just imagine it combined with the unique and cool stylings of AR.

If you’re not already frantically searching for mixed reality providers, we’re sure you’re now daydreaming about the opportunities that AR or VR could bring to your brand. So, could you be next? With AR marketing AND a swanky new site courtesy of Limely, you’re bound to be the coolest brand on the block. 😉

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