Facebook Video Is About To Get Revamped

23 February 2017| Post by Graham3 minutes


As social platforms become more video-centric, Facebook have taken huge strides to improve the video experience they offer their users.

This is a move that closely follows Facebook’s News Feed Update. Except this time around they’re showcasing new ways to watch videos on Facebook.

Bringing the Noise

Previously, Facebook muted videos within the News Feed, unless you specifically clicked onto them. Now that more people are watching and sharing video on mobile devices they’ve come to anticipate sound when the volume on their phone is enabled. Facebook has received good feedback on recent tests they’ve conducted so it’s slowly going to become enabled for more people. If your phone volume is enabled, the sound for videos will fade in and out as you scroll. However, should your phone be set to silent, the sound for videos will be disabled. Not one for sound? Don’t worry, there’s an option to disable this update all together.

Larger Preview Format

For a seamless user experience Facebook have placed focus on how they display vertical videos. Soon they will introduce a larger preview for vertical videos for users on iOS and Android devices.

Scroll Whilst You Watch

Watching video as you scroll has become more and more popular as our online habits change. Sites like The Mail Online have recently adopted this function too.
Simply drag a video to any corner of the screen and carry on browsing your news feed. If you’re an Android user, you can even exit the Facebook app and still view the video whilst doing something else on your phone.

Facebook Video App For TV

Facebook have announced that they will begin to roll out a new ‘Facebook Video App for TV’ to app stores including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV initially with more platforms in the pipeline. Don’t settle for a smaller screen – enjoy Facebook videos on your TV, expanding the capability of previously only being able to stream videos from Facebook to your TV.

With the app, you can watch videos shared by friends or Pages you follow, top live videos from around the world, and recommended videos based on your interests. You can also catch up on videos you’ve saved to watch later, as well as revisit videos you’ve watched, shared or uploaded. We look forward to seeing how people use the app to enjoy Facebook videos in a new way – Dana Sittler, Product Manager, and Alex Li, Engineering Manager, Facebook.


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