Under the Bonnet of Factory Direct Flooring

26 June 2019| Post by Gavin3 minutes


Earlier this year, we saw Factory Direct’s new and improved Magento 2 site officially go live.

Factory Direct has been a client of ours for a while, and before we started dancing around the idea of a new site, we assisted with and continuously improved their Magento 1 site when needed. But then, low and behold, Magento 2 came out and it would have been silly not to take advantage of the new and improved features. And thus, the new Factory site was born!

We were more than chuffed with the outcome of Factory Direct, so we thought we’d give you a little inside look at some of its best features.

Feel free to have a look at the site in all its glory!

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5 Star Features

Bespoke “My Project” Feature

Now, this is impressive.

As a bespoke feature for Factory Direct, we designed and implemented a My Project feature which allows a customer to input the dimensions of the room they are wanting to find flooring for, and then save it. This will then automatically input the measurements so when looking at the different types of flooring, the prices will adhere to the amount you need.

Even if you add more than one room, the little drop down feature will allow you to switch between rooms and the prices will change accordingly. Easy peasy!

Helpful “Free Sample” Additions

Just to make life even easier for Factory Direct customers, we implemented a handy ‘Add Sample’ button that appears when looking at specific flooring. Obviously choosing and purchasing the right flooring is vital, and it’s a big buy! Of course, customers need the ability to test the waters. Well, with just one click, you’ll have a free sample of your selected flooring sat in your basket ready to go.

A Snazzy Live Order Animation

It may be because we’re just showing off (and we are), but just to make Factory’s site even cooler, we inserted a live animation which shows orders being made in real time.

Advice Centre

To lend a helping hand, we inserted an Advice Centre which all customers can access to gain insight or help on various areas surrounding flooring. The Advice Centre contains guides as well as other flooring related articles. It provides a detailed database which can help and guide customers, as well as answer any questions not addressed in the FAQ. Plus, it adds some informality to the site, reminding customers that behind the screen are the friendly and helpful faces of the Factory Direct team!

Deal of the Day

Another cool feature worth shouting about is the Deal of the Day button on the home page. This is an interchanging feature which displays the best deal for the customer. Clicking it takes them straight to the selected deal, where they can purchase it, add a sample or apply the My Project feature. This effectively changes each day, keeping the content and site fresh. How good are we!

Obviously, we could rant and rave about the site for ages, but we’ll just let you explore it for yourself!

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