Twitter Introduces 280 Characters, What Do Users Think?

9 November 2017| Post by Adam3 minutes


Yesterday, Twitter launched their long-awaited #280characters campaign and released the privilege to all users. Not everyone is happy but plenty of accounts are using it to their advantage.

When there’s a big change in the social media world, it’s always interesting to turn to Twitter to find out the public’s opinions. Of course, it’s even more interesting when the news is about the platform itself. We’ll run you through all the best reactions to the news and the most interesting uses so far.

Twitter updates with 280 characters

Disgruntled users

Twitter started rolling out the 280 characters to a select number of users back in September. Of course, this left a few wondering why they hadn’t been afforded the privilege. Now, everyone’s got the goods. Hilariously, many accounts are using their lengthy tweets to present their disappointment in the update. They’ve been suggesting that there are better ways of keeping the platform alive and that the change wasn’t necessary.

More room for kindness

We can’t say we disagree. I mean, who exactly asked for 280 characters in the first place? The initial beauty of the bird-themed social platform was its micro-blogging limits. However, a lot of not-for-profitsย accounts have been using their longer tweets for heart-warming, good-intentioned purposes. That’s quite nice to see, I suppose. It’s especially useful for these charities who are looking to spread their message just that bit further.

Soley for marketing purposes

It’s clear to see how this new update will help companies who use the social media platform. Plenty of businesses rely on tweeting to boost their marketing efforts and more characters could really help with this. The whole #280characters hashtag is a great way to get involved in an online conversation and it can be effective to use anyย recent news to promote your brand. We can’t say we think the tweets below are particularly thought-provoking, but they’ve definitely grabbed the attention of users.

This one from Netflix is a little more clever. They’ve played on the whole ‘characters’ thing to remind us all just how many amazing characters they’ve introduced us to over the years – it’s also quite shameful how many of those we know…

Although, all these extra characters and words are just hurting our eyes. Perhaps just a load more emojis would be better:

Some are just plain silly…

The British police trend of trying to be funny online is definitely not on its way out.

In summary

Overall, it’s hard to say what the general consensus is. There definitely seems to be a strong divide between business accounts and just general users. We’re not entirely convinced that this is the most exciting or groundbreaking update on our favourite social platform, but it’s at least got people talking! Here are some more tweets from the general public which will get you thinking about the news. In fact, you can follow us here and try out your #280characters by letting us know what you think.


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