Tweets are about to get a tiny bit longer

13 September 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


Tweets are about to get a tiny lot longer. Come September 19th, media attachments will no longer contribute to the current 140 character limit – nor will @usernames.

This change doesn’t allow for a completely new form of Tweeting, it’s simply just a chance in factoring what characters count against the existing 140 limit.

URL’s used to count toward character limits and this saw the rise of an entirely new market of URL shorteners, then Twitter decided to bundle URL shortening into Twitter itself back in 2010.

We’re excited to see where Twitter takes this in the near future as it’s clear there’s a lot of changes planned across all social media platforms as they all continue to fight for market share and time-on-screen.

Although, unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is still riddled with abuse/mal-practice and indecency which unfortunately has turned a lot of dedicated users off recently (including Justin Bieber!).

Hopefully, they can make a conscious effort to increase security and prevent abuse to ensure the content is clean and spam free.


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