Transforming Online Window Shoppers into Customers

28 February 2020| Post by Gavin2 minutes


You can’t always rely on users that visit your site with the sole goal of buying something, to keep your sales up.

Ecommerce sites should not only be an efficient place to purchase a product but work in favour of your business. But how can this be achieved? There are a number of focal areas in which you can adapt and shape in order to make sure you are turning those window shoppers into returning customers. Here’s just a few!

Inactivity Pop-Ups

Enabling pop up windows which are triggered by inactivity from the user could help guide dormant users to a product they didn’t know they desired.

Email Marketing

Browsers and those who leave products in their shopping basket are great subjects for email marketing. Sending adapted content which includes enticing content, promotional offers and call to action links can not only encourage users to follow it back to your site but turn their browse into a purchase.

Making your site Trustworthy

There is a long list of ways you can make your site trustworthy; we actually wrote a blog post all about it! But in a nutshell, applying certain features to your site that highlight the validity, reliability and safety lets the user know that they’re secure in going ahead with payments and orders – giving them that final nudge to turn their browsing into shopping.

Mobile Focused

Handheld browsing is forever on the up, especially with new and updated mobile tech constantly being released. This means making your site mobile friendly has never been more important. A site that works and looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop not only means you are keeping up with a generation of online shoppers that are becoming more mobile-focused, but showing a level of professionalism from a site and company who obviously put the experience of their customers first.

This obviously contributes to the trust factor and makes customers feel at ease to go ahead with a purchase.

Is your ecommerce site effectively converting browsers to buyers? Contact Limely to see how you can get the best out of your online presence. 😎


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