Top 15 Shoe Shop Website Designs We’re Lovin’

Our favourite 15 shoe shop website designs

In the mood for some shoe shopping?

Many of our favourite high street stores have their own online space in which you can browse and order their products straight to your door. But, as experts in everything ecommerce, here at Limely we appreciate more than just the ability to window shop in your own home, but the way in which sites are strategically designed and developed with user experience and the customer journey in mind. Take shoe shops for example.

We love seeing how shoe shops entice customers as well as replicate a high level of service- all contributing to a flawless customer experience. We thought we’d share our Top 15 Shoe Shop websites that we particularly admire for their design, layout and performance. Walk this way!

1. Dr Martens

With great imagery and designs that house their signature style, Dr Martens’ site really encapsulates their brand and pairs that with great features that make for a high performing ecommerce site.

2. Office

Designs and colours that make for a sleek and clean site, Office’s website provides clear navigation making for excellent user experience.

3. Sole Trader

Simple yet so effective, Sole Trader’s bright colours and clear navigation makes for the perfect ecommerce site which funnels customers and helps with sales. They also manage to replicate their well known, high street style.

4. Schuh

A clear navigation menu makes for great user experience, and the way they bring attention to their sales and promotions shows how on the ball they are about how they can further entice their customers. Their clear integration of review platform Google Reviews also helps them evoke trust and reliability for the customer.

5. Kurt Geiger

Stylish and sleek, Kurt Geiger’s site really reflects their high-end brand. Their images and designs which coincide with the current events also show how they stay fresh and up to date.

6. Deichmann

Simple and sleek, Deichmann provides clear navigation and demonstrates their key selling point in a stylish manner. Easy to use, it takes the customer from browse to purchase effortlessly.

7. Clarks

Clark’s uses their images in an effective way offers a streamlined user experience through simple navigation and clear designs.

8. Pavers

Great use of platform integrations, Paver’s reviews can be clearly seen on their site to inform the user that their service is trusted and reliable. With an easy to reach search bar at the top, it opens up the site to whatever the user desires.

9. Dune London

A great use of images which not only look amazing but draw the attention of the user to follow-through using the buttons provided. Easy on the eyes, it sets of precedent of quality and a online good shopping experience.

10. Vans

Fun, quirky and different – Vans’ website really mirrors their recognisable style, all whilst drawing in customers who have come to browse. With a visible search bar and attractive buttons, it’s clear that Vans had the experience of the user at the forefront of their minds.

11. Converse

Modern, different and so stylish – Converse have used their reputation to make a site that is simple yet very effective when it comes to enticing their users. With many call to action links that take the user straight to their products page, their site is all about a smooth shopping experience; a vital attribute to a successful ecommerce site.

12. Public Desire

Public Desire have kept their target audience in mind when building their site, which not only puts focus on some of their most popular products but effectively highlights their current promotions and not-to-be-beaten features surrounding orders and delivery – a great way to transform users into customers.

13. Ugg

Great use of buttons and call to action links, Ugg provides easy navigation and quick access to the rest of their products so their users can shop with ease.

14. Tower London

Straight to the point, Tower London’s site is simple but sticks to their branding well and with quick access to everything the user might need, they clearly have the needs of the customer at the forefront of their mind.

15. Hotter

With a focus on all of their key selling points, such as the features that surround delivery and returns, Hotter know what their customers want to see and what they need to efficiently browse and purchase their products.

We wouldn’t blame you if some of these sites have got your creative cogs turning. What could you achieve for your business?

If you’re interested in whipping up a flawless ecommerce site for your online business, contact Limely today!

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