Top 5 Online Tools for Designers

24 February 2020| Post by Matt2 minutes


As talented as our designers are, even they need the right tech to provide a helping hand!

And that helping hand comes in the form of a series of handy tools that make designer life a little bit easier. We sat down with our design team and asked them what apps and platforms they couldn’t live without. Here’s what they said!


Figma is the ultimate design hub where you can find everything you would ever need to create wonderful things, all under one roof. Allowing you to design, edit and receive live feedback as quick as flash, it increases progress, eliminates wasted time and just makes life a little bit easier with it’s easy to use features and efficient functions. A no brainer!


A social platform for designers and creatives alike, Dribbble provides a space for designers across the world to post their work and share it with others. It evokes conversation, constructive criticism and provides inspiration for those stuck in a rut. Plus, it’s somewhere you can show off your best work without the pretension – creating a great, ready-made portfolio page for future clients. Click here to check out our Dribbble!


Both Pexels and Unsplash are great examples of stock image sites which provide sleek and professional imagery, free to download. With such a wide database of photos, you’re sure to find a solution to your creative dilemmas.


Bit of an odd one but trust us on this! Twitter is the home to thousands of design-based accounts which share all there is to know about design. From the latest news, the latest tech and reams of inspiring designs from creatives all over the world, Twitter is a great place to share ideas and find that glimmer of hope when stuck experiencing a creative block.


This little handy site provides you with a colour wheel in which you can select a colour of your choice and be met with various colour schemes which suit each other ever so nicely – meaning you have a plethora of colours at your fingertips which are guaranteed to look on point.

Are you after some top-notch designs? Well, as you can see, our design team are fully prepped for the job! Why don’t you give us a call?


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