Top 5 Most Popular Free Fitness Apps During Lockdown

15 July 2020| Post by Gavin3 minutes


It’s safe to say that lockdown has urged many of us to pump some iron and strap on those running shoes

With many people across the country finding themselves at home and away from work, stats have shown that more people than ever are taking up various forms of exercise. Home workouts, cycling and running have to proved to be the most popular ways for people to keep fit amongst lockdown – all which have been made possible by an array of free apps that have been giving us no excuse to not use this time to get fit.

The Limely team haven’t escaped this either! With Designer Adam, Director Gavin, Operations Manager Matt and Creative Writer Charlotte all taking up running and other methods of fitness during lockdown!🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

With that, we thought we’d share the top 5 free fitness apps that have been helping the country get fit throughout lockdown so you too can join in with the fun!

Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k is an app promoted by the NHS and was designed with the beginner in mind. Developed by Josh Clark, the new runner wanted a way to help his mother, another beginner, join in. Using a number of celebrity narrators and a strategically constructed nine-week plan, Couch to 5k helps the user eventually run a 5k, whatever their level.

Easing you in with stop-start runs, this is a great way to gradually ease yourself into the world of fitness, and get you running at great distances. With nearly a million people across the country downloading the app, it’s a no brainer!

30-Day Ab Challenge

Another great one for beginners, the 30-Day Ab Challenge app provides you with daily ab exercises until you see results! Offering a range of quick exercises that stem from Beginner to Advanced, you can keep fit and work on those muscles no matter your fitness level. Its day by day structure lets you take it easy and achieve your fitness goal at a pace that fits you.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training App gives you all the benefits of a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. Giving you access to a number of workouts for various areas of focus, you can construct your very own exercise plan that suits you and your needs. It provides you with a great way to keep up a good exercise plan whilst social distancing!


A favourite of the Limely office, Strava helps you map out routes for running and cycling; allowing you to track your progress and share it with your friends! The app itself is free but does include some in-app purchasing, including a subscription that they encourage to get all of the features available.

A great app for when you have your training schedule down, you can actively watch your fitness grow as timings and routes improve – a sound way to boost motivation, feel that community spirit and get you moving even more!

Simply Yoga

For those who want to take it a bit slow and work on their mental health as well as their fitness, Simply Yoga is the app for you. Providing a wide range of recorded yoga tutorials for all levels, missing your usual yoga classes amongst lockdown is a thing of the past.

What apps have been helping you throughout lockdown?


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