Top 10 Trump Tweets

22 August 2017| Post by Niko2 minutes


In an age where the President’s main form of communication to the world is Twitter, political commentary on global events is more public, and more dangerous than ever.

Twitter is a great tool. It’s used worldwide by many different kinds of companies for marketing, customer service, and all sorts of other beneficial purposes. If you’re capable of tweeting, you have the whole world at your fingertips. However, as with anything in the digital world, with great power comes great responsibility.

Top Trumps

And no-one knows (or doesn’t know) this more than the POTUS himself – Mr Donald J Trump.

After yet another horrendous week of PR disasters via everyone’s favourite microblogging platform, we round-up our favourite (basically, the worst) Trump tweets:

1. Just this week, Trump single-handedly managed to decrease the value of one of the world’s biggest retailers by $5 billion. Yep, we’re talking about Amazon. And he did it in a single tweet.

2. Oh, and there was that time he insulted the United Nations. You know, that huge organisation dedicated to world peace and equality.

3. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. He thinks global warming is something we need when it gets a bit chilly.

4. We don’t really need to give this one a caption…

5. That time Trump got a little too engrossed in the Twilight actors’ romance.

6. Okay, it turns out that Trump just loves any celebrity gossip. Maybe he should have gone down the agony aunt route, rather than the President one.

7. Remember when the Ebola outbreak was ruining lives and causing mayhem? Well, Trump was busy condemning the very people trying to help.

8. Of course, Trump single-handedly solved Scotland’s apparent tourism problem.

9. More recently, the President preached against the exact thing he’s been stirring over the past couple of years.

10. And finally, our very favourite tweet from Trump, EVER. No explanation needed.


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