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23 September 2021| Post by Molly2 minutes


We bet you’re used to these posts by now. So you know what this means. That’s right, Limely have got a new client on board in the form of renowned paving specialists, Tile Merchant.

Limely are delighted to introduce our newest client, Tile Merchant! So let’s dive in and give you the lowdown on who they are and what we’re gonna do for them!

Who are Tile Merchant?

Okay, time to quench your curiosity. Tile Merchant – clue’s in the name – are Ireland’s very own tile and paving specialists. They are a 100% Irish owned company that, over the years, have grown to become a peerless player in the Irish tile and stone business.

Tile Merchant pride themselves in their impressive range of tiles, paving and wood flooring. Their dedicated buying team go the extra mile – quite literally – as they travel the globe to purchase directly form sources to get only the best products at the right price for their customers.

Their Ballymount location contains the Tile Merchant Stone Gallery which, impressively, is Ireland’s largest indoor stone gallery. Here, you can choose the exact piece of stone for your worktop from the finest natural and man-made stone. Tile Merchant provide renowned natural stone paving, 20mm porcelain, artificial grass and natural stone cladding ranges that are constantly evolving to stay ahead of competitors on quality, top-notch value.

What will Limely do?

Limely are going to totally revamp Tile Merchant Magento 2 website; giving it ‘a little bit of spice’, if you will. We are focusing on enhancing the customer experience, making sure things run smoothly and efficiently on their new site and everything is fluent through all pages. We will do this by simplifying the buying process which will increase customers and sales. Our devs and designers will get started on redesigning and redeveloping the entire website; creating new pages such as the Category, Home and About Us pages.

We will provide in-depth research to understand Tile Merchant’s website users and competitors, in order to tailor their website to their specific audience. We are focused on enhancing the user journey and effectively streamlining the user from visiting to making a purchase.

We’re keen to get started on making some big changes to their checkout section, tweaking and tightening the screws to make sure everything is running like clockwork. An improved checkout means a better customer experience, making the purchasing process an enjoyable, honest and smooth one.

Watch this space to see the outcome of Tile Merchant’s swanky new site.


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