TikTok: 3 Min Vids on the Horizon?

23 June 2021| Post by Molly3 minutes


TikTok videos now last longer than your ex did in bed.

In December last year, a bloke called Matt Navarra hinted that TikTok would be trialling a new three-minute video feature, expanding the option from the usual fifteen or sixty second choices. But there’s a catch: you need an invite through the app to be able to test it out. But will the trial be a success? Do we now have such short attention spans, that we simply won’t have the patience for the three-minute videos? And what does this mean for marketing? For consumers? Do we need everything instantaneously?

Look at Vine; a tragedy that Millennials have been forced to overcome. We have moved from Vine’s six second videos to TikTok’s sixty seconds. There’s no reason we can’t do the same now. We adapt. We overcome. Maybe the jump from sixty seconds to three minutes won’t be as bad as we think.

These longer videos have recently been popping up on everyone’s For You Page (FYP). We wonder if this will take away from the user experience. Will the FYP now be cluttered with longer, perhaps more boring content? What do content creator’s thing of this new feature? Will they be taking advantage of it?

According to content creator Eli, (@gayforbooks21), people ‘RARELY, and [they] mean RARELY ever watch the 60 second videos, especially because TikTok is designed around quick, short videos’. Eli shared their video analytics, and based off one individual post, the statistics show that only ’29.77%’ of viewers watched the video to its full duration. And it was only eight seconds long!

Because of this, Eli says that the three-minute videos seem ‘irrelevant’. People nowadays just don’t have the patience.

Similarly, consumer Charlotte Wood, (@charlottewood59) says that she likes how she can ‘get rid’ of videos through swiping easily, and that if she ‘wanted to watch a three-minute video, [she’d] just go straight to Youtube’. She uses TikTok as ‘wind-down’ time when she can’t be bothered to read, so her attention span is pretty short anyway.

In conclusion, maybe the one-minute-wonder is the way to go. Maybe you should pick up that phone. Call that ex.

Or maybe just stick to the instantaneous way of marketing that we know works. Consumers don’t have time to mull over things. No time for buts, maybes or what ifs. We want entertainment at our fingertips.

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