The Ultimate Quirky Christmas Gift Guide 2020

10 December 2020| Post by Matt3 minutes


With 15 days to go, there is still plenty of time to bag that perfect gift!

But that’s definitely easier said than done, especially for those loved ones who are so IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. From the hipster too cool for school cousins to the #plantbased, all-vegan siblings- some people just sit as a question mark amongst your gift list. But never fear, Limely is here!

We have scoured the web for the kookiest, quirkiest and most unique gifts out there and compiled them all into a list so you can have less time stressing and more time munching on mince pies and all the good chocolates out of the box of Celebrations. You are so welcome.

So, without further ado, here’s what we found!

Underwater Disco Lightshow

Bath time will no longer be boring with this light-up underwater disco! Perfect for any of your friends or family who has missed getting down in the club over lockdown.

How To Swear Around The World

We all have a book worm in our lives. How about spicing up their bookshelf with this? Probably not the best gift for your Grandma, but any other well-travelled socialite will love learning how to say the odd naughty word in multiple languages.

Pet Mushion – Personalised Pet Cushion

Know someone is just a little obsessed with their pet? Well,  now you can immortalise their little furry friend with Firebox’s Pet Mushion! Just upload a god quality picture of their beloved pet and BAM – it’ll be sent to you on a soft little pillow!

Slush Puppie Machine

Throw it back to the days of our youth by gifting your friend their very own Slush Puppie Machine! At least you now have a good excuse to visit. Plus, what a perfect addition to those summers BBQs! (When they eventually return).

Become a Laird or Lady

Do you know someone who walks around like they’re royalty?  Get them a bit closer to it with this ‘Become a Laird or Lady’ kit! It provides you with the forms you need to buy a segment of land in the Scottish highlands and make you, by law, a Laird or Lady!

Vlogging Light

It seems like we all have a little niece, nephew, cousin or sibling who can’t seem to pry themselves off of TikTok. Why don’t you encourage their social media career with this attachable vlogging light for their smartphone!

Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plant Tin

Over lockdown, many of us have come out of the woodwork as self-proclaimed ‘plant-parents’. And nothing would vamp up your plant family more than one that needs feeding something other than water. Maybe gift them some hard-wearing gloves alongside this gift…

Spreadable Pink Gin

The Pink Gin phase came out in full force last year, and it’s remained pretty popular! So why not gift the pink gin obsessed person in your life with gin they can spread on their toast.

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