Reasons People Leave Your Website

18 February 2017| Post by Graham4 minutes


For any online business, the homepage of your website is essentially your online storefront. Open 24/7 to the entire world. So once users find your site, how exactly can you make them stay?

A good website is inviting, easy to navigate and answers obvious questions. It can actually be surprising how many websites get these simple fundamentals wrong. In an age when consumers want everything yesterday it’s imperative that you keep them entertained long enough to convert. If you’re left scratching your head at the sight of your rising bounce rate, consider the reasons people leave your website…

Page Loading Time & Site Speed

Site Speed
Page loading time affects your bottom line – full stop. Last week Google aired a mobile speed hackathon and released some pretty damning stats in the process…

53% of consumers will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load*

*From a study conducted in March 2016 using aggregated Google Analytics data from a sample of mWeb sites opted into sharing benchmark data.

Dependencies on certain technologies, such as JavaScript can affect the way the pages within a site are rendered. Your site may look great, but by the time it loads your potential customer could already be browsing your competitors site. Check your mobile and desktop site speed using PageSpeed Insights.

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design
The days of trying to navigate the web on your trusty Nokia 3310 are long gone. With so many different ways to browse online, web design has rapidly evolved. The way in which we access information online means that most websites are responsive and users are becoming more used to it. So when they stumble upon an unresponsive site they are likely to make a beeline for the exit. If you don’t have a mobile site – time is ticking! Google have announced that mobile first indexing is on the agenda this year.

Poor Navigation Structure

Site Navigation
A simple, organised and logical navigation can work wonders for your conversion rate. Not just from a user perspective but for search engines too. Grouping similar topics and themes, like you would do for the bricks and mortar side of a business, creates a positive user experience. If users can’t easily find the information they need in the places they expect them to be, they won’t stick around.

Confusing Content

Are you writing your content with the user in mind? Seriously, read your content out loud to yourself. Does it even make sense? Most websites either fall into the habit of writing content specifically for search engines or use industry jargon that the average Joe would struggle to make sense of. Users need to be able to scan on page content – consider an inverted pyramid writing style and use bullet points or numbered lists where possible.

Dated Web Design

Dated Web Design
2006 called and they want their bevel and emboss back. Unfortunately, websites don’t age well. Out-dated sites can be a massive turn off and a huge contributor to your rising bounce rate and depleted time spent on page. Web design is constantly evolving, and you could be left playing catch-up with your competitors if your site is in need of some much needed TLC. Overhauling your site may seem like an unnecessary cost, but the potential return on investment is definitely a risk worth taking, particularly if you’re struggling to retain users.

Pop-Up Ads

Pop Up Ads
When done correctly and at the right time, pop-ups can be beneficial for desktop users – E.g. newsletter sign ups for lead generation sites. However, stuff your site with too many adverts and unnecessary sponsored content and users will leave. Nobody likes spammy pop-ups… Don’t be that guy.

Plus, Google are actively cracking down on intrusive interstitials on mobile devices, as it’s more likely to negatively impact user experience. So if you have pop-ups enabled on your mobile site, now is a good time to get rid.

So, time to put it to the test – pack your bags, you’re going on a customer journey! Consider user intent and navigate your site in the way a user would. If it’s confusing or exhaustive go back to the drawing board, or let us do it for you.
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