The Nokia 3310 Has Made a Comeback!

27 February 2017| Post by Graham1 minutes


Nokia has announced plans to release the new 3310 model 17 years after it was first launched! (yes it’s really been that long)

Nokia 3310 Redesign

Recently unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the trusty Nokia 3310 has been reborn. The new redesign pays homage to the original, with a relatively unchanged keypad. One key difference from its predecessor is the monochrome 84 x 84 colour screen display.

At the height of its success, over 126million Nokia 3310 handsets were sold until it was phased out in 2005. This device boasts unbreakable durability and a battery that will last you a month! The only downside is that it lacks lightening quick Internet speed, relying on 2.5G connectivity at best. But it has snake 2 and it will only set you back around £49 each, so who cares?


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