The Importance of Images on Your Website

6 August 2021| Post by Tom2 minutes


A picture speaks a thousand words, so choose the right one!

The use of images shouldn’t be overlooked as they are a super important part of a website. In addition to making a site look clean-cut and professional, they also need to be fun and eye catching. However, there has to be a right balance between content and images – you don’t want your pages looking too cluttered with either/or!

Now, you may be thinking, ‘what does a sunbathing pineapple have to do with Limely?’. And you’d be very right in thinking that, because pineapples don’t have very much to do with Limely at all, especially if they’re sunbathing. This leads us to our next point – include relevant images! You want your images to deliver a contextual message. There is an instant need for information and it can be so easily presented with using the right pictures.

Studies show that 80% of people remember what they see and the other 20% remember what they read. The majority of people are visual learners. That’s why you should always take notes in blue pen as opposed to black, because your brain likes colour! We digress. What you need to know is that images are a powerful means of communication, and we live in a digital age, so take advantage of it!

Images are a great means of communication because they are globally understood. Once you dissect the meaning of your site – quite like the chopped up pineapple above us – or your blog post, you can go on the hunt for some images that convey your message accordingly. But remember not to overthink it, it’s not like you’re Picasso, you don’t need pretty ‘filler’ images – just find a relevant image that portrays the message clearly and concisely. This lends to a better user experience as it’ll get things moving more efficiently on your site / people will know what they’re looking at or what to click next.

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