The Handle Studio Goes Live!

23 September 2020| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

We’ve just launched a huge Magento 2 store and we cannot wait to show it to you!

Not too long ago, we gained new clients The Handle Studio, an online retailer providing their customers with high quality handles, knobs and accessories. They came to Limely wanting a brand new look for their online store, as well as a few tweaks here and there to ensure they were performing at their fullest potential; bringing in sales and providing a top-notch shopping experience.

So, as their new site is up there for all the world to see, we thought we’d bring you a little refresher of who The Handle Studio are and what exactly Limely got up to throughout the project!

If you’re impatient and just can’t wait to see the finished project, find it below!

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Who are The Handle Studio?

The Handle Studio are family-run online business who have been providing quality handles and knobs since 2007. They pride themselves on their range of styles and designs, as well as the service they provide to their loyal customers. Thanks to their collection of handles and knobs, they cater to every customer that visits their site; stocking handles that suit any individual project.

From every room type and aesthetic to specific designs made for cupboards, cabinets and drawers – whatever their customer’s project or need, The Handle Studio is able to provide the solution.

With some collections ranging from handmade to classic oak, The Handle Studio guarantee quality and durability with every handle. With this said, The Handle Studio deserved an online store that rightly represented their services and efficiently housed their wide range of products. And so, Limely got to work!

What did Limely do?

In order to provide The Handle Studio with the best possible shopping experience for their customers, we began building their new site on Magento 2. As you will already know, Limely are massive advocates for Magento as an ecommerce platform as its capabilities allow us to build online stores at the level of quality and efficiency we are known for. Plus, in this case, Magento 2 was the best way to provide The Handle Studio with the online shop they were dreaming of.

The Handle Studio Banners

Using their new platform, we began applying features that would boost their UX and making shopping for their products quick and easy. We designed and developed a brand new mega menu in which categorises every handle and knob that The Handle Studio holds, making it easy for the user to narrow down the product they want according to the style and stance of their project. Users can now shop by room, style or finish so they can reach exactly what they need in only a few clicks.

To make shopping even more of a dream, Limely made it so users could choose the finish of their handle straight on the product page. As a colour swatch would work on a retail online store, customers can flick through the available finishes to find the one they like the most.

As well as great shopping features, Limely integrated WordPress in their Magento 2 store which enabled us to create a ‘Magazine’ area. Now, The Handle Studio can upload and publish their own articles and posts in order to demonstrate their online presence and engage a wide audience.

Talking of engaging a wider audience, Limely also did some SEO work for The Handle Studio; creating written content with focused keywords to improve their rankings within a search engine and show users that they can get everything they’re looking for from The Handle Studio.

Overall, this was a huge project and we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome! Don’t take our word for it? Click below to take a look for yourself!

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