The European Union declares public Wi-Fi to be free for everyone by 2020

15 September 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


Off the back of this weeks’ annual State of the Union Address, the European Commission announced bold plans to deliver free Wi-Fi in public places by 2020.

As part of the EU’s drive to improve our continents digital infrastructure, plans have also been revealed to provide next generation 5G mobile connectivity across the board by 2025.

“We propose today to equip every European village and every city with free wireless internet access around the main centres of public life by 2020,”

said European Union president Jean-Claude Juncker

Juncker further proclaimed that the EU is totally committed to its digital ecosystem and will also be reviewing the present copyright and arts laws in order to better protect the creative output of artists and designers of the Web.

A budget of €120m (or £101m) has been set aside for the next 4 years to better enable parks, town halls, libraries and other public spaces with free Wi-Fi!

Finally, you can reduce your pricey mobile data allowance and spend the savings on something more worthwhile…


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