Struggle to get to work on time? Try Snorelax

3 August 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


No…Thankfully it’s nothing to do with that bloody Pokemon game.

This smart little app recognises travel patterns and wakes you up earlier (if required) dependent on the traffic it’s detected for your route. How neat is that?

It’s been a week or so since I downloaded it and it basically does the work of three apps in one. Thoroughly recommended for those who don’t fit in the “Morning People” category.

Download the app here

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  • UI feels good, but definitely room for improvements
  • Currently doesn’t track public transportation, only road conditions/driving.
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Features include

  • Historical and real-time data to help you zoom into the office more reliably and calculate your travel whilst on the move.
  • Snorelax also offers you realtime weather information and a four day weather forecast. So you don’t need another app for that.
  • Add your favorite and get access to real time insights on your route!


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