StowAg Goes Live!

28 July 2020| Post by Adam3 minutes


We love to see hard-working paying off, and the hard work is certainly clear in Limely’s latest completed project!

If you are a big-time Limely fan and have kept up with our monthly round-ups, you would have seen that one of our long time clients, StowAg, had approached us to give their site a little makeover, as well as a much-needed upgrade to Magento 2. Well, after months of migrating, designing and developing, the final product is finally live!

Like many of our other clients, StowAg saw the importance of benefitting from Magento’s 2 latest updates, and with Magento 1 End Of Life occurring last month, upgrading couldn’t have come at a better time. Having provided website support and maintenance for StowAg for a good while, Limely knew exactly what StowAg needed to perform at their fullest potential. Take a look for yourselves at the results!

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Before you are completely lost in awe of our collaborative work, let’s give you a refresher of what exactly went down.

What was the project?

StowAg had been receiving support and maintenance from Limely for a couple of years so we were acquainted with their business, services and approach. This came in handy when they came to us wanting help with tweaking the designs of their site.

As experts in agricultural equipment, we took StowAg’s stance in the industry as well as their high level of professionalism and began to apply this to their new design. The main task for the Limely team was upgrading their site to the latest version of Magento 2; something we are huge advocates for here at Limely so our clients can continue to benefit from its updated features.

A successful upgrade to Magento 2

After many meetings, some over Zoom, our design team worked with StowAg to create a new look for their site. Applying high-quality images that represented what StowAg is all about – we brought their services to life.

As well as this, we made sure that their navigation menu, as well as CTA buttons and links, were top-notch; clearly displaying all of their service categories so they are easily accessible for users, and making buttons on their homepage attractive and enticing ensuring it guides users to exactly where they need to be.

StowAg’s main online services are made possible thanks to Magento 2, so upgrading their current platform to ensure flawless UX, was a no brainer. Our developers made sure that all of StowAg’s content, products and details were efficiently migrated over to their new updated platform, and left no stone unturned when it came to making sure that the update was successful. Now, StowAg’s online space has been successfully transferred, they can begin to benefit from Magento 2’s features at their fullest potential.

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