Sparkline: Music Market Researcher

9 August 2021| Post by Graham2 minutes


There’s an easier way to track the success of both your own and your competitors musical projects.

Cheshire-based tech agency, Decimal, have launched Sparkline which acts as a market researcher; it is a tool designed to offer Spotify listening data to a larger audience.

Spotify’s technology only allows artists to track data such as number of monthly listeners and followers, whereas Sparkline opens it up for Spotify users too. This helps users gain a broader understanding of the industry and their competitors.

Decimal says that the software is used by producers, session musicians and marketers to track the success of projects. It provides an insight into any artist on Spotify and allows users to view daily growth stats. This nifty and evidently popular tech has been previously used by the likes of Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Apple.

Decimal is built on Chris Garrett’s previous business experience with Beatroot Music, which aided music industry clients to manage their digital catalogues and data. Garrett notes that Sparkline is to help users ‘understand the popularity of their songs‘. It doesn’t offer data alone, but presents ‘valuable insights’ in addition to that data.

This undoubtedly opens new avenues for the music industry. It illustrates all the things that work and what don’t in the music world, allowing artists and musicians to gauge a better, more cohesive understanding of the industry they work in.

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