Sneak peek at a new B2B Magento site for Trade Veterinary Supplier

11 October 2016| Post by Graham3 minutes


In just a few weeks, we will be launching a new site for a new client of ours, a specialist trade supplier of B2B Veterinary supplies.

Here’s a first peek at the exciting Magento eCommerce design and development we’ve achieved throughout this process.

Committed to constantly improving the user experience of their business, our client’s initial “kick-off meeting” outlined some innovative ideas that were established early on.

As we started to flesh them out with the client, we knew the resulting e-commerce experience was going to be one that they would be very proud of, and that their competitors would be very jealous of!

Here’s a run through some of the features we’ve developed for their Magento Ecommerce site from scratch (not outsourced, nor plugged in) – specifically for our client:

1. Our clients’ Customers can sign-in and see their “My Products” section

Our clients Customers can signin and see their own My Products section

Products they’ve decided to resell can be re-branded digitally and assigned to them in their own My Account section to re-order with ease. All with their own product-specific & company-specific, pricing structure & product name.

2. Their Customers can “Save their Basket” for a later date. Completely separate to Magento Wishlists.

your magento customers can now save their basket for a later date
your magento customers can now save their basket for a later date

Customers can browse, add to basket, and whilst in the basket, save the basket with a custom name for future re-order use.

Even after-sale, the basket will remain saved so customers can recall that particular basket in the future.

3. Their Customers can benefit from “Swap & Save”.

Customer Adds Product to Basket:

Magento detects product in basket and recommends a better value product solution in real-time through our “Swap & Save” solution:
Magento detects product in basket and recommends a better value product solution in real-time.

Customer opts to ‘Swap & Save’ and basket is refreshed with new product in place of initially chosen product:
Customer opts to 'Swap & Save' and basket is refreshed with new product in place of initially chosen product.

The Swap & Save feature allows our clients’ Magento site to suggest products relevant to what their customers have in their basket but that might currently be on offer, or that might potentially offer better value overall. They can also reveal products with a potential higher margin for resale. A real innovative development for this client and for Magento B2B ecommerce!

4. We’ve fully integrated our Customers Magento site with OGL ERP


Our developers have fully integrated the Magento site with OGL prof.ITplus ERP system via the Magento API. Including data feeds from sources such as CSV & XML data, simplifying processes and maximising productivity for their internal staff.

5. Customers can utilise the Quick Buy/Express Order


We have developed unique functionality on the Homepage to enable Quick Buy or Express Order with Smart Predictive search to enable quick transactions for regular trade Magento customers.

6. Our clients’ can now assign a unique Sales Rep to every account


The Sales Team can now login to a Master Account, then swap their viewing experience as if they were their allocated customers. They can make orders on their behalf and speed up the phone ordering process. Also a picture/unique contact number is added to the Header for every seperate Sales Represenative, for visibility and trust.

Keep your eyes peeled…

Our Magento developers have worked in close collaboration with our clients’ Marketing and Sales Management teams and the result is a B2B Ecommerce website that’s supercharged with sophistication and rich with simplistic features that will speed up transactions, increase trust, and enthuse customer loyalty.

We can’t wait to reveal the rest of the site with you… Keep your eyes peeled for the portfolio piece landing in our Work section soon.

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