Should you include LinkedIn in your Social Media Marketing?

28 January 2020| Post by Robbie5 minutes


Social media marketing is vital for getting the word out for your business, but should LinkedIn be included as a common outlet?

All social media managers will recognise that amongst all of the social media outlets, the three popular kids in the schoolyard are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Now multi-billion-dollar companies, they all have undoubtedly become a part of everyone’s daily life which makes them a perfect place for a bit of strategic marketing.

But there is one social media outlet which is usually missed when it comes to the schedules of most social media managers, and that is LinkedIn. With 660 million users, it’s not like they’re under the radar, and in recent years, their popularity has risen substantially after what was a ‘slow start’ when they first began in 2003. Unlike its counterparts, LinkedIn was created with businesses and professionals in mind – introducing a hub where those could connect, find job opportunities and join in with the chatter of like-minded individuals who worked in the same or similar industries.

Being business orientated, LinkedIn’s audience is quite specific; mainly targeting business professionals who connect with colleagues, rather than share aesthetic pictures of their breakfast. The other Big 3 seem to be more universal, which may explain why LinkedIn has been allowed to fade into the background. But with its existing and growing popularity, should its potential marketing opportunities be missed?

Who could benefit from LinkedIn Marketing?

With such a specialised audience, those that can benefit from using LinkedIn for online marketing is also quite specific. Where Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are great for customer-based businesses like those found in the hospitality and retail sector, B2B companies and other client-based agencies would mainly benefit from using LinkedIn thanks to its reputation amongst other B2B based professionals.

So, if you’re a business who advertises to other businesses, like us here at Limely, or provide a particular service which may appeal to other professionals – then maybe you should be considering broadening your social media marketing to LinkedIn.

How you may ask?

Company Updates

If your company regularly updates its site with articles that surround your industry, LinkedIn is a great place to post that specialised content. In this case, LinkedIn would help ensure that your content is reaching your target audience and helping your business gain the traction that social media marketing brings. This can also go fo general company updates, as it’s the perfect place to inform clients, old or new, of your successes and events.


Thanks to the job search feature on LinkedIn, you’re able to post job vacancies straight onto the platform. Due to LinkedIn’s user base, which has been seen to consist of 40 million job-hunting students and university graduates, you are almost guaranteed to receive the attention your company needs and help you reach those you are trying to target. The business-driven platform helps focus your content and consequently contributes towards effective and successful marketing for your business.

Client Outreach

Just like any other social media platform, following the right people and utilising appropriate hashtags on LinkedIn is a great way to advertise your business to potential clients. With the added bonus of it being a platform specifically targeted at other businesses, online marketing is more likely to attract the right attention and create more leads.

Can you afford to give it a miss?

With all these recognised benefits of marketing on LinkedIn, it must be said that it might not be for everyone. Unlike the usual social media giants Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is specifically formatted to benefit its chosen target audience. This makes it easier for some B2B companies to target their client-base, so when it comes to social media marketing, it’s as easy as pressing ‘Post’.

As previously mentioned, businesses in which rely on a high customer footfall of any kind, for example, cafes, shops and other small brands would probably benefit more from focusing their attention on the Big 3. Thanks to the universality of platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, there’s no specialised audience – open for anyone to access daily and keep up with everyone’s updates. The way they’re formatted allow everyone to access your content easily, making sure any marketing is seen by the masses, allowing your business to reap the advantages of this effective marketing strategy.

It’s all about the audience

As a company that likes to stay professional but also show our fun side, Limely like to post their content across all social media channels, from LinkedIn to Instagram. But, we do adapt our content depending on what outlet we are using and due to the formal reputation that LinkedIn has, we usually save all our specialist content for that particular timeline to make sure we are reaching the right audiences. So, depending on the kind of content you’re dishing out as well as your own target audience, may make you question whether LinkedIn is the right path.

Optimising your content, as well as adapting your follow lists and hashtags can help utilise LinkedIn’s benefits, but if business and specialised content don’t apply to you, sticking with that Big 3 is probably the best way to fully take advantage of the positive effects of social media marketing.

If you need help with your social media marketing, contact Limely asap! And in the meantime, give Limely’s LinkedIn a follow for inspiration and all our own company updates.


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