Shoppable items coming soon to your Instagram Posts

7 November 2016| Post by Graham2 minutes


This week, Instagram have been experimenting with their digital marketing platform as they shipped a new feature that enables brands to tag items in posts as “Shoppable”.

Retailers will soon be able to tag actual ecommerce products in their photos, which users will then reveal via clicking the “Tap to view products” button.

When the viewer taps on a product, they will swipe through an in-app details page with specific product details, description, photos alongside a “Shop Now” feature to buy it there and then.

instagram shoppable shopping in app purchases

It’s been said that Instagram won’t seek to take a percentage of purchases, rather, they plan on monetizing the product later by allowing brands to display their Shoppable photos to people who don’t currently follow them.

Trending: In-App Purchases

We’ve seen this “in-app purchasing trend” spread like wildfire through the final months of 2016, with Pinterest testing out their ‘Buyable Pins’ and Facebook rolling out their new company ‘Chatbots’ feature where brands can interact via Messenger with prospective fans & customers.

What are the benefits?

With the introduction of Shoppable products, brands won’t have to rely on the limited range of basic call-to-actions available to them on Instagram such as “Check link in Bio” or “Click to learn more”.

Instead, brands will be able to deliver their desired marketing messages and witty marketing copy for each product – within the app itself.

What we expect

For users who follow many celebrities; those interested in the latest endorsed products for beauty, sports, audio, health etc. we suspect the conversion rate of products using Shoppable to soar – thus potentially impacting the cost-per-click of each targeted Ad in Instagram.

With Instagram making it easier to influence, educate and convince users to purchase, we may find time-in-app rates increase due to users not having to leave whilst shopping.

We could also start to see ‘Wishlists’, ‘Customers who bought this, also bought’ or even ‘Trending/Hot right now’ product categories similar to other major design based retailers such as Fancy & Svpply.

Let’s hope they keep it clean

It’s been clear for years that Instagram could embrace shopping at a drop of a hat and now it has, the company’s dedication to providing a clean user experience is still present – which is a welcomed surprise.

If you’re interested in testing Shoppable products live right now, the following 20 brands have been granted first-dibs on putting it to the test.

Abercombie&Fitch, BaubleBar, Coach, Hollister, JackThreads, J.Crew, Kate Spade, Levi’s Brand, Lulus, Macy’s, Michael Kors, MVMT Watches, Tory Burch, Warby Parker, and Shopbop.


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