Shopify: A How-to Guide on Creating a New Online Shop

14 April 2020| Post by Matt4 minutes


One of the most vital steps towards a new business’s success is a crackin’ online store

It’s, without a doubt, the best way to begin building the foundations for brand awareness, as well as creating a solid online presence in which you can begin attracting customers and growing a clientele.

Starting a brand new business is stressful enough; there is just so much to think about! Your house style, the details of your services, your chosen tone – just to name a few. So, in situations like these, you need a tool in which allows you to quickly whip up a store that not only showcases your new business but provides you with a high-performing and functional space in which users can purchase your products or services. Well Shopify gives you just that.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform that provides businesses with an all-around package that enables them to instantly build a store and benefit from built-in sales features to quickly and efficiently take their business online. To help show you exactly how you can utilise Shopify to your advantage, here’s a quick how-to guide on using the platform to swiftly whip up your brand new online shop for your new business.

Step 1

Sign Up

Step one is an easy one as it just involves registering your account and business on the Shopify website. Free to join, you can either begin a free trial to get to grips with everything, or you can go straight ahead with additional purchases to begin building a top-notch online shop.

Step 2

Customising, Product Uploads and Payments 

Once in there, you can begin customising the system according to your own business; adapting all the available features in accordance with the purpose of your store and how you will be using it. This is where you’ll clarify what you’ll be selling, and begin to upload your selected products as well as shipping and payment details.

Step 3

Themes and Layout

Now, for the fun part. Shopify are known for their range of readily designed themes and layouts available for your to peruse and purchase on their Theme Store. You can browse and select the theme that most suits your business and its style.

But not to worry if you can’t find anything exactly to your liking. The themes come with a list of potential modifications, as well as support from their designers so you can find something that fits.

Step 4

Editing with your business in mind

By using Shopify’s customisable features, you can edit basic settings and upload your photos and logos so you can watch your new online store take shape.

Step 5

Choosing your Domain name

When it comes to choosing and implementing a domain name, you’re able to purchase one straight from Shopify, in which you pay an annual fee. You can purchase a domain from elsewhere, but it may slow down the process for those who want to get their store up and running as quickly as possible. Purchasing from Shopify allows for a much simpler and quicker process.

It’s Ready!

And voila! You have your very own online store. The ready-made package that Shopify provides is great for start-ups and new businesses as it provides a simple process with quality features that allows you to hit the ground running and prepare you and your new business for greatness. Eventually, it may be that you’ve outgrown all of Shopify’s features, and you’re looking for a more bespoke shop that truly reflects the unique nature of your business. Well, that’s where Limely comes in.

When you’re ready to take your online store to the next level,¬† be sure to contact Limely who will be here to help you create a truly bespoke online shop that will have customers old and new coming back for more.


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