Shake That Weight choose Limely

29 November 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


One of the UK’s leading Very Low-Calorie Diet suppliers, Shake That Weight, have switched to Limely for their new website and eCommerce platform.

With thousands of customers raving about their extensive product range, Shake That Weight’s delicious (we’ve tried them) shakes, soups and snack bars contain only the highest quality ingredients with best the nutritional content at very reasonable prices.


We’ve already made a good start on putting pen to paper and the UI is coming together nicely. It’s definitely going to be one of our favourites here at Limely, check out some detail snapshots below:

A few snippets of Shake That Weights new site

This project is one of our most ambitious WordPress eCommerce builds to date; crammed with detail and bursting with features expected to deliver a serious increase in traffic and major influx in new customers looking to ‘Shake That Weight’ in the new year.


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