Selfie your way to a new bank account with HSBC

5 September 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


Don’t you just hate opening a bank account? The process that traditionally took hours to complete, has now seen a much needed ‘face lift’.

In an attempt to streamline its processes, HSBC, amongst others, will now allow business banking customers to take a selfie to pass the identity checks required to open a new account.

Beware the Doppelganger

When using the bank’s mobile application, clients will have to take a self-portrait using the front-facing camera on their Android or iOS smartphone. This picture will then be cross-checked with the image on their driving license or passport – let’s just hope you don’t get scammed by your doppelganger (note: highly unlikely).

Cyber security has been high on the agenda of banks in recent years, both for customers and security higher up. The banking giant already uses fingerprint and voice recognition technology for millions of customers.

Still, let’s hope this is a sign of the times to follow – the days of having to queue up, book an appointment, sit down with a Bank Manager and talk about why you need a bank account should be long gone, in my opinion.

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Also, if you need inspiration on How To Take a #Selfie, this video may be of assistance:


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